Emilyn's last ever day at Pre-school.

Will actually be next Wednesday but I'll be in Italy so today is the last day that I will take her to Pre-school. The last day I will put her Pre-school uniform on.
The last day I will do her hair for Pre-school. 
The last day I will be with her in the Pre-school playground. 
The last day I will go to pick her up.

I am so proud of her, look at how much she has grown up.
Emilyn on her first day at preschool - 25/05/2012! & today 18/07/2014! 

Hugo was so funny this morning when I asked Emilyn for a photo he wasn't impressed ....

Might have something to do with being awake all night too due to that awful Thunder storm. 
I feel rotten today.

preschool Emilyn's last day.

Pre-school last day.

the next chapter in Emilyn's life will start in September at Primary School.
In her school uniform 

Sticky9 is nearly 3!‏

Three Happy Pears

On Friday 18th Sticky9 are going to celebrate their 3rd birthday! They've changed a lot in just 3 years & always improving things.

As we all know 3 is the magic number... So this week until the 20th they will have an ongoing competition where every day, three people will each win a large set of magnets. What do they want? They wants snaps of things related to '3'. It could be 3 favourite things, cool photography of the number 3 or a camel with 3 humps. Or your child wearing three things.. Three headbands/three necklaces... Get three-ative.
Three glasses
Three Headbands

But this is just a small part of what's happening... On the 21st July their daily winners will have the chance to win the SUPER-AWESOME final prize. The mega-winner will be able to get his/her hands on a fantastic QCamera, which allows snaps to be shared directly to his/her social media channels. This is super exclusive since this camera is not yet available to order. (HOW AMAZING)

Besides the QCamera, the winner will get a copy of the book "This is Happening: Life Through the Lens of Instagram". And since it's our 3rd birthday, there's a third prize. But that one they can't really reveal right now, though our celebratory birthday video might give you a clue...

Go get creative with three snap happy things & take some photo's - you can find my Instagram HERE
I've been #Sticky9birthday & #happybirthdaysticky9 - you can find sticky9's Instagram HERE

Three glasses

Three little fishes 

Three pairs of converses 

Pastel wooden breakfast chairs pale pink

I suppose you can tell its pink? - pastel wooden breakfast chairs
I've finally got around to painting the last chair... I've had many wooden breakfast chairs in my little house (I've only lived here a year)

I bought a new type of spray paint to try out - Kobra KOB-10073 400ml Aerosol Spray Paint - Pink
apart from it being so pale you can hardly see it's pink.. I was hoping for the candy pink I've used before 

pastel wooden breakfast chairs 
I actually preferred using this spray paint over Rust-Oleum Satin Spray Paint - The Kobra spray paint was easier to use & didn't hurt my fingers. oh the pain of using the Rust-oleum spray paint I couldn't use my hands for hours after painting.
The price of the Kobra is pretty good too... just £4.99 with free delivery. (from amazon)

took around 10 minutes to paint & it dried so quickly. Drip free too. 

I suppose you can tell its pink? - pastel wooden breakfast chairs

Why 'renew' our vows ?

Our wedding day

Simple : what are our reasons behind having a blessing/renewing our vows... especially as we have only been married 3 & half years.

Those of you who don't know me I'll briefly explain our wedding day :

A very intimate wedding with just Mr.H & I, Emilyn who was 17 months old & our two best friends (+photographer) We had the smallest of small do's because for us we wanted to have a wedding to be married not have a wedding to throw a party at that specific moment of our life, to cut a long story short we had a rough start to the year & with a sudden loss of a close family member we realised just how short life is & we wanted to grab it with both hands. 

I didn't want the stress of a real wedding simples, The whole big white wedding thang just didn't appeal to me. 

Almost four years down the line with my little family complete Mr.H & I have decided now is the right time to 'get married' in front of our family & loved ones then throw a wonderful party after (I love being a party planner) 

I've heard people say "I just don't get why people renew their vows when they've only been married five minutes...." blah blah blah. 

Well we didn't really have the wedding at the start so it's a belated wedding & to celebrate to all our loved ones that we really are happily married. 

As it's not our real wedding day I don't have the stress I'm finding it all quite fun actually. 

I'm TOTALLY addicted to Pinterest my wedding day 

Our wedding day 

Today in a years time : 2014

Last year I wrote a post Today in a years time ok so I wrote the post on Monday 22nd April 2013, this year has flown by & I forgot how quickly it had gone, I love looking back to see what has happened.

Today is Monday 14th July 2014

What have I accomplished in the past year?

Well I wrote :

"What I am hoping the next year holds....

I would love to be doing a follow up blog post from my new house either inside or out.
I would love to have good news about Hugo, about all his problems but most of all good news about his feet.
I would love to have all my friends still around me & doing our weekly monday meet up (New Babies included)
I would love to have Hugo walking or even running...
I would love to have a Sunny Holiday booked...

I would love to be as Happy as i am today. If not Happier. If thats possible!"

I am now blogging from my new house (It's fully built)Video blog HERE  : at the moment I am blogging outside on the terrace. Beautiful. 
I have good news about Hugo He hasn't *Touch wood* needed any operations & his feet are doing really well. 
I still see my friends a lot.
Hugo is walking/running almost flying... 
Holiday's I've been to Miami & Menorca since typing up the last post.
*Shh I'm off to Italy at the weekend (Child Free)

I am totally happier it was possible. I'm extremely contented with life & loving every moment of it (Especially in the sunshine)

What did I do today?
last year i said "I spent the Morning with my favourite Girls. Having Tea, Biscuits & a catch up. They are both expecting their second babies. The rest of the day will be spent playing in the garden with the little people."
I'm spending  the morning with one of my Best friends in the garden chatting over coffee & lunch, I then willcpick my younger sister up(She is in the process of learning to drive) drop her home & then collect Emilyn from Pre-school we will then go to Rompers (church group for little ones) then back home to start getting ready for Italy (leaving Mr. H with the children I have been told to write lists after lists to help him)

What's the weather like? BOILING - 25degreess beautiful day.

Beautiful day

Where am I? Last year I said  "I am sitting in the Conservatory listening to Radio 1 Goldie by Rockie is playing
The Children playing nicely together," 
This year I'm currently sat on the decking looking into the woods. Listening to Radio 1 on my new DAB radio - With Mr.H sat next to me (He's on a late at work today)Hugo's asking me for a cuddle.

What am I wearing? Last year I said  "G-star Raw Jeans & a stripy top from Next." My G-star raw jeans are now in the bin after the zip breaking (I haven't worn jeans in forever) today i'm wearing a orange dress from the Topshop sale love a bargain.
Orange dress 

What am I drinking? Last year I said "Black Coffee" -  Coffee from our Tassimo machine.

What am I looking at? Last Year I said "Well I am looking at my apple mac. My new Iphone 5 arrived today too.. My Candy Cart is in the corner of the room aswell,"
 This year I'm still looking at the Apple Mac - my iPhone 5 next to me has now seen better days after the screen being smashed & repaired then smashed again.... 
Mac & coffee
What am I looking at?

What am I hoping the next year holds?

We've got a busy year coming up I would love to see our wedding renewal / blessing go to plan (I'm working my bum off to make it perfect.
I would love to see all my family close & far staying happy.
I would love to carry on making as many memories as we are doing.
I'm looking forwards to our trip to Disneyland in March.
I would love to have all my friends still in my life who are in my life today.
Emilyn will be starting Primary school in September I pray she loves it as much as she loves pre-school.
I'm hoping we would of finished our whole garden we have so much to do but i love doing it in stages. With money & time its great doing it ourselves.

new patio

I again want this coming year to be as good as last year & to be just as happy or happier.

Enjoy this beautiful day ---

Boots & Bar battle continues Talipes Mr Tiger's turn to wear them.

It's funny when I started blogging in 2012 I asked myself one day "what If I never have any Talipes stuff to blog about." I was so worried that life would be so easy & that I'd never need to do any talipes blogs. How wrong was I?!

Then we hit the Oh no he can now take his own boots off & I felt like we were starting all over again. 

The new thing is now though Hugo is a good talker. 
He pleads me over & over again to "Mummy bar off please mummy bar off please"
It echoes in my head.
It pulls at my heart strings.
I wish I could just make him happy.
I wish I could just take them off.

I go in to try & comfort him to face him holding my hand or my face pleading me to "Please take my bar off Mummy Please"
"Bar off please"
Sobbing his heart out. 
It breaks mine. 

I have to do so much quick thinking... Last night I got out all his before photos to show him just why he must keep his boots on. 

He totally didn't understand.  

Then I thought hey shall Mr Tiger wear his boots and bar too? 

This cheered Hugo up & I told him he had to look after Mr Tiger - to which he agreed.

I wonder what tonight will be like.

And I thought I'd never have anything talipes related to talk about...

Our annual Pre-School Bocketts Farm trip

Milking the cow.
Since Emilyn started pre-school & she had her first taster of the Bocketts Farm trip three years ago it turned into the highlight of her life. Daily she would ask us "when am I going back to Bocketts farm?"
It's actually a really good day out & perfect if you are a new parent who doesn't know many of the parents, it gives you more chances to talk & get to know people.

Emilyn & Hugo were so excited to go to Bocketts that they sat in the car eagerly awaiting set off  half an hour before we needed to go. Hugo was so excited to see the tractors that was all he was interested as far as he was concerned.

Once we arrived at the pre-school we had a mammoth wait for our coach to arrive (Another massive plus about the school trip) you don't travel by coach everyday do you.

The ride there was fun Emilyn sat next to one of her best friends they proceeded to 'play fight' for the whole 30 minute coach journey. I was next to them. (The joys)
On the way to Bocketts Farm
Hugo was beautifully behaved taking in the whole journey sat next to his daddy who'd taken the day off (first time Daddy had been to Bocketts too)

Once we arrived - YES we are at the FARM time to put our bags in the lunch room & go find some animals. Of course we had to find the Tractor ride first.
On the Tractor ride

Hugo on the digger

Piggy Racing - GO PEPPA PIG

Hugo's favourite tractor last year & this year at Bocketts Farm

two sleepy little people...

At home relaxing after a busy day

Looking forwards to next years trip already!

Pretend & Play Camp Set Review *Mulberry Bush


Here we have the Pretend & Play Camp Set. 
This was perfect for us to review for the past few weeks, we've been pretty much living outside & playing camping/ making dens in our own woods. 

What do you get : 

Light-up camp stove
Lantern with light
Utensil set
Water bottle with cup
Wrist compass
Camp shovel
First- aid kit
Pan with folding handle

Big fun for little camper 
For ages 3 years + 


The favourite of it all is the Lantern with real light. it goes EVERYWHERE with them... Even to bed. 


You can recap what else we have reviewed HERE



Lantern with light




She loves her camp set

Better turn the light on

It's getting dark outside

Yummy water 

Eggs & bacon for dinner

Cooking dinner 

Camping set 


We found a toad on our travels 

We found a toad on our travels 

Camping in the woods

What we loved most :

This little Camping set makes your children use their imagination constantly.
They had to make pretend dinner & go to pretend sleep, go searching for mini beasts,
I loved that we can use the camp set outside & inside. we set up a tent over their bunk beds & they stayed playing for hours. 
They loved playing with everything - The watch (wrist compass) was a huge hit with Emilyn & now she thinks its her watch... 
Hugo loved the water bottle, He loves that he can attach it to his trousers. 
The First aid kit has been a huge hit with everyone... Emilyn & Hugo think they're little doctors now & keep saying to people "Oh are you hurt you poor thing let me get my first aid box..." 

For just £22 I think it's a great price for endless of hours of enjoyment.

Inside Camping 
Inside Camping

Hello I see you Hugo.

Inside Camping

Remember to check out Mulberrybush for traditional toys, free delivery if you spend over £75
They have a fab Pocket Money section for toys for as little as £3.50...

*Disclaimer - I was given the Camp Set for the purpose of this Review all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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