Hello Pregnancy Insomnia...Help I can't sleep.

Currently - Sat on the sofa scoffing a cheese & ham sandwich.... Why? Because it's 01:35am & I've been awake the past hour and a half. Laying in bed, moving from my right to my left side. Getting up to pee over three times tonight already. Also I appear to be hungry. 
Also craving squash. Like mouth watering needing squash craving. 
I'm 31 weeks pregnant on Monday, I am exhausted. SO WHY CAN'T I SLEEP?
I had put my insomnia down to caffeine late in the day however this week I've cut caffeine out after 10am. I have had one hellish week that I will explain further in my blog about but It's all a bit too fresh to talk about just yet. *Baby & myself are ok* It's to do with my fur baby. 
So tonight I woke up needing to pee then my eyes just went *ping* you're awake now. 
You know tomorrow I'm going to just feel even more exhausted though don't you? 
Urgh third trimester pregnancy insomnia how I had totally forgotten all about you. 
If I had stayed in bed I would of craved my ham & cheese sandwich although I'm totally craving Philadelphia garlic & herb with cucumbers & we have none. *Sad face*
It was much better to make a sandwich & sit up for an hour or so - Hey I do get to catch up on Stella whilst the household sleep. Silver lining to every cloud & all that jazz. 
This is when people will start saying "now you really must nap in the day....." like hell I've got a chance of that happening. 
I'll just suck it up & carry on, that's what us mums do isn't it?
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Stokke Tripp Trapp - The chair that grows with the child. From birth. *Now in more colours than ever.

Now in more colours than ever.

Stokke® introduces three new colours to the Tripp Trapp® chair collection - with new accessories too.

This has really excited me as baby number threes birth is getting closer I've been thinking a lot about highchairs & I really love how the Stokke Tripp Trapp looks & it's great how it grows with said child.

Created in 1972 by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, the Tripp Trapp® chair has never been bettered. Back then no one had seen anything like it. More than 40 years later, Tripp Trapp® is still unique, and now available in more colours and with more stylish accessories than ever before.

Stokke trip trap

Soft Pink
We listen to our customers and, by popular demand, we welcome sweet Soft Pink to the collection. Soft Pink will give a pop of colour to any interior.

Wheat Yellow
Quirky and on trend, Wheat Yellow is a warm neutral, suitable for kitchen interiors and boys and girls alike. Offering several styling possibilities, it is ideal for those that want to make a unique statement.

Hazy Grey
For those that prefer a modern neutral, we also introduce Hazy Grey. Inspired by our
Scandinavian appreciation for the natural beauty of wood, Hazy Grey allows the rich structure of the wood to shine through for a visual texture.

Also new for Tripp Trapp® are 10 new cushions. All in versatile patterns that offer options to create a truly custom look and complement the Tripp Trapp® chair in its wide variety of colors. The cushion provides additional comfort for your baby, and can be used in conjunction with the Baby Set or on the chair alone.

As a final touch we have also added two new reversible textile set covers for the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set in playful patterns featuring cars, stars and butterflies. The textile set includes a coordinating reversible bib to complete the look.

NEW Bugaboo Hoods in Grey Melange for Cameleon3, Buffalo, & Donkey Buggies!

I am so excited to share with you the long awaited GREY Melange hoods for the Bugaboo *Buffalo... I am most excited about. 
For baby number three I've just bought the All Black Buffalo* The Grey melange hood will look so gorgeous on it now we know it will be released! 
The Bugaboo Bee3 has had the Grey melange hood since it was released but the other buggies missed out... until now of course. 

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Grey Melange Tailored Fabric set includes the canopy and bassinet apron – I've heard it will retail at - £119.95.

For the Donkey stroller, you can either purchase the Donkey Grey Melange Fabric Set RRP £119.95 or just a Donkey Grey Melange canopy RRP - £79.95.

The Bugaboo Buffalo Grey Melange Fabric Set will be available as well – includes the canopy and bassinet apron. I've heard it'll retail for £119.95.

The new fabrics and blankets are expected to ship in March 2016 just in time for Baby H to make her April appearance.

Make active play fun this Spring with Little Tikes!

When you’re new to the world everything around you is fun and interesting. That means your back garden is an adventure to be explored! Offering a range of new toys that encourage your little ones to enjoy their outdoor play even more, Little Tikes are on hand to keep kids entertained for hours. They’ll also boost development and introduce them to the exciting world of imaginative and active play. So what are you waiting for? All aboard and join in the fun for Spring 2016.

Eco-friendly – Go Green Playhouse (RRP: £269.99) 
Brand NEW for 2016 is the Go Green Playhouse – teaching little ones about the environment from 2 years+ and the importance of thinking green for the future. New and completely unique! This modern playhouse is filled with earth-friendly features and activities for the ultimate in eco-fun.

Key features include:
·         Solar panels power interior LED lights.
·         Working pump sink is fed by rain barrel.
·         Recycling centre with dual removable bins.
·         Planting box and water reservoir.
·         Roof garden planter.
·         Eight accessories.
·         Printed packaging with patterns to re-purpose as a birdhouse and recycling in.
·         Booklet for kids explaining all the eco-friendly features.

Get triking – Deluxe 5-in-1 Ride and Relax Trike (RRP: £109.99). Age 9+ months.
This 5-in-1 trike has all the fantastic features of the 4-in-1 trike with innovative extras including a 3-position reclining seatback, height adjustable canopy and ‘perfect fit technology’ which means the soft and stylish seat is movable with the flip of a switch.  Guaranteed to be a winner, it’s perfect for strolls with your little one from Spring well into the Summer.

Key Features include:
·         3-point reclining seat back.
·         Seat adjustment with the flick of a switch.
·         Canopy adjusting to three heights.
·         Soft and stylish seat cover
Our hero – Cozy Coupe® Family (RRP: From £54.99). Age 18 mths to 5 years.
Little Tikes’ latest Cozy Coupe® innovation has scooped a total of four industry awards in the past year, including Best Outdoor Toy at Toy Fair’s Best New Toy Awards. With over 10 variations to choose from, the biggest selling car in the UK remains as iconic in the garden as ever with 1-in-4 kids now driving a Cozy Coupe. There’s literally a Cozy Coupe to suit every child’s personality! Now in their 37th year of production, celebrity drivers of our adult sized car include Jimmy Carr and Ellen Degeneres!

Key features include:
·         Removable floor and handle on back for parent-controlled push rides.
·         Designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear.
·         Includes special features like an “ignition switch” and an open-and-close gas cap.
·         Cozy rolls on rugged and durable tyres.
·         Front Wheels spin 360°.
·         Real working horn.

Make a splash – Spinning Seas Water Table (RRP: £49.99). Age 2+Years
There’s no denying that the whole family love a trip to the seaside! Now you can recreate the fun in your back garden with the Spinning Seas Water Table. Prepare your sea legs as little ones make waves with the interactive ferris wheel, launch balls into the central tower and watch them drop through the spinning wheels or use the water mover to keep things afloat. Complete with 4 balls and a water scoop, there’s hours of fun to be had splashing about with the Ball Launcher.  

Key Features Include:
·         Water table with central tower to encourage development of throwing skills.
·         Water mover to keep the tide turning.
·         Interactive ferris wheel.
·         Ball launcher.
·         Includes 4 balls and 1 water scoop.

Samia Ghadie snaps daughter Freya playing with her iCandy toy MiPeach

Coronation Street actress, Samia Ghadie has shared a gorgeous photo of her daughter, Freeya playing “Mummy” with her iCandy MiPeach.

Samia added Freya's pram is a mini version of the one I have for Yves which she loves – it was too cute listening to them chat away like little 'mummies'!”
Gifted as a Christmas present, Samia opted for the pink iCandy which Freeya seems to be very happy with as she is seen playing with matching socks and top.
Crafted by the British iCandy designers, the new MiPeach is perfect for your little one and their toys. Made with the finest materials and exacting quality of the full sized Peach pushchair, the MiPeach is available in two colours: a sleek Royal (blue) featuring white detailed piping and scrumptious Bubblegum (pink) featuring blue detailed piping. Certainly the Christmas seasons must have gifts, the MiPeach adds a touch of luxury to playtime providing your little one with their very own iCandy pushchair.

Source: Samia Ghadie's OK online blog

Bump Monday | 30 weeks Pregnant |

|| 30 Weeks today ||

How am I feeling?

30 Weeks today 
The time really is flying & I'm slowly going into panic mode.... 
I need to do so much to get ready for baby. 
My SPD is horrendous at the moment or more my left hip is agony, makes walking super hard work. 
I had my flu & whooping cough jabs last week so another thing to tick off the list of things to do. 
I'm finding life much more exhausting already too. Boo. Looks like naps in the day will make a reappearance.

Baby is about the size of a large cabbage.

Carbs still....
Haribo.... yum...

With my last two pregnancies I measured bump - 
with E my bump at 36 weeks was 39"...
with H my bump at 30 weeks was 39"... so bump with H was much bigger than my E bump.. but second baby & H is a boy think that adds into equation.

Bump with this pregnancy at 30 weeks is 37" so smaller than my H bump but bigger than my E bump. 

On a positive :
It's just 7 weeks till I'm full term that's a pretty good positive in my eyes. 

Bump having a party at 29 weeks pregnant. *video

Bump's been kicking & moving for weeks now. Proper kicks at around 17 weeks now at 29 weeks I've finally been able to capture on video what she's like 50% of the time. 
It may be my third baby but It still amazes me how much the wiggle. 
I'm growing a teeny tiny human. You can't get much better than that. 

Romance isn’t ruined by discounts - Valentines day

Picture the moment – you’re in a classy restaurant on a first date with your new potential life partner. It’s Valentine’s Day - you’ve had a great time, drinks have been flowing, the food was brilliant and you both agree to settle the bill. However, your date, who had ticked all the boxes up until now, pulls out a voucher for 50% off the bill. Do your opinions of this person then change significantly?
Absolutely not, according to research conducted by Busy Bees Benefits.
The company, which provides an employer dependent retail discount scheme, lists the top things worse than wanting to save money on a first date:
  1. Having a little too much to drink
It’s OK to have a drink, but if you need carrying home, you may as well write off any hopes of speaking to your date again.
  1. Assuming that you will pay the entire bill
This is one for the ladies – however, some men should also take note. Never assume that your date is going to pay for your meal. It might be a date but this is 2016, it’s time we rule out the age of sexism.
  1. Meeting someone who looks totally different to what you expected
We all love MTV’s Catfish, but we don’t love when the same thing happens to us. If your first date is with someone you met online, keep your profile picture realistic.
  1. Flirting with the waiter/waitress
If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to put your date off, try flirting with the server. Not only will you annoy your date, but you may also end up eating alone!
  1. Being rude to the restaurant staff
On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than sitting next to someone who gets a kick out of being unpleasant towards restaurant staff. If there’s ever a time to be swallowed up by the ground below you, this is probably it.
So there we have it! If you’re one of the few put off by a money-savvy date, take another look at this list and remind yourself – it could be a lot worse! Restaurants, hotels and other attractions are known to hike up their prices on Valentine’s Day, so a voucher or discount code isn’t anything to be ashamed of!
Romance isn’t ruined by discounts, so if you need a way to save money this Valentine’s Day, ask your employer about retail discount schemes. They’re a great way to cut costs, whether it’s for a gift, activity, hotel stay or restaurant visit.
Besides, if you’re romantic enough, your date isn’t likely to care about how you pay your half of the bill anyway! 

29 week Midwife appointment - Good News!

I went to see my local Midwife today, honestly the support I am receiving from everybody this pregnancy is amazing. All three of my main midwives are really listening to me & are always there when I need them. 
I love that my local midwife is so caring she also remembers me being pregnant with H & remembers doing his horrific heel prick she said to this day she hasn't experienced anything like it... it was horrific as H has talipes he had no blood in his heel & it took over four agonising attempts. 
This week I had my blood results - GOOD news! - My platelets are much higher & my iron levels are great. All my other blood results came back good too! 
This is amazing news as I was super scared my platelets would of gone lower than they had been. 
Also in my past two pregnancies I've been severely anaemic. 
I mean I am eating well. Also I'm taking Pregnacare plus *I've never bothered with pregnancy vitamins before. So they must be helping. 

Bump is measuring 30 weeks so not much over really.... 

I don't need to see my midwife now until 34 weeks & we will then discuss my birthing plan...
I won't see my local midwife until 37 weeks now. Eeeekkk. That's pretty close to my due date. 

H & I then spent the afternoon having sleepy cuddles on the sofa, my SPD is still bad so it's best I try to rest when I can. 

oh hi Mum guilt here... A letter to my eldest daughter. Talipes*

Well hello there Mum guilt. Long time no see. I'm going to talk about my eldest child. The child who seemingly so every evening gets ignored. The child who I end up shouting at to hurry to bed. I have focussed so much on getting child two comfy in his boots and bar or I've spent two hours fighting him to keep them on... That child one gets; I am so ashamed to say pushed to the side. 

She has a younger brother who needs extra care, not just a little bit of extra care but whilst wearing his boots and bar more than 14+ hours he needs extra care a day.
The mum guilt doesn't get better. I'm exhausted from the lack of sleep, from being awake with her younger brother all of last night. 
I don't mean to snap, I don't mean to shout, I don't mean to lose my cool.
The boots and bar fight is tiring me down. I feel so horrendously guilty. I don't have time to sit & read to her I miss that one on one time with her.
However she is very understanding. I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

Things will get better I promise. We do now & again have good days. I try my very hardest to make precious us time to take the pain away. 
So hello little one.
I know your only little once & you deal with more than any child should. I know we spend a lot of time away from you. I didn't plan for any of this to happen, of course he needs to go to the hospital more than other children. Weekly from just 5 days old. At least you get lots of 'Nanna time' whilst we are away. You know we are taking care of your brother. I know just how much you love and adore him. I know how much patience you have, after seeing me rocking him to sleep whilst he's kicking & screaming at me to take his boots and bar off. I stay calm & collected. Not wanting him to be scared nor shout at him. As really he is doing nothing wrong. He can't help the way he is hurting. He can't help that the boots and bar put him through pain. But I see you staring & I see you taking everything in. I see you caring & wanting to take his pain away. I've heard you make that one wish "I wish I could take the pain away from my little brother. I wish I could wear his boots and bar for him." With that two sentences I knew then; that I was somehow doing something correct. I was somehow bringing you up to be the very best daughter I could of ever imagined. 
I know you can see we are totally exhausted just because we are trying to give your brother the very best care and I know you're learning from this. 
You may not know it, but everything you see all the little things well these are teaching you traits on how to be the amazing person you're growing into. 

I'm more than certain at times that being the big sister to a child with different needs is a huge struggle. I know you have those small moments that inside your heart pangs with jealousy.
I know you hate seeing him in pain, you hate hearing him cry. I know all you want is to take the pain away.
I totally understand that you get jealous over all the 'extra' attention we give your brother.
Think back to the days we didn't even know if your little brothers legs would be strong enough for him to walk. The huge proudness that overcame your body to see him reach that whopping great big milestone. 
I could see on your face & hear in your voice just how proud you were. We all were. It brought tears to my eyes seeing him walk. Even if it was a few steps. 
Your brother completely utterly loves and trusts you. He looks up to you like nothing I've ever seen. 
You both get to experience an unbreakable friendship like no other. 
The bond you two have is indescribable. You're his sister, his friend, his protector. I see you playing in soft play together. I see you explaining to people about your brothers special boots. 
I want to burst with pride overtime I see you two together or 'helping to put his boots on'.
We feel instantly proud when you've been at school all day but the first thing you ask is "How did his hospital appointment go?"  You do such a crazy amazing job helping us. It surely takes a wonderful little girl to do what you do on a daily basis. I just wanted to say thank you and I'm sorry...

*This blog post was written last year - It's taken me a while to get the courage to post it & admit to myself how hard things can get. Although things have greatly improved... *H's boots have recently broken before this we were still having the battling nights. 

Top 5 New Year Garage Organisation Tips

Clearing out the clutter, bringing organisation to your family home and putting things in their ‘designated’ place can set the scene for the New Year.   With all the fun of the festive season still fresh in our minds, getting our heads in gear for 2016 (without wanting to weep) can prove challenging. Somewhere between forgetting what day it is, the horrific hangovers and NYE, it’s now time to get back to reality.   So if you’re looking to start the New Year as you mean to go on with a squeaky clean house, more room for the kids and productivity on the rise, do read on…  Today on the blog we share with you the ‘Top 5 New Year Garage Organisation Tips’ for you consider as you set about sorting out the old and making way for the new.   
1) Fun for all the family  For many, the idea of cleaning out the garage may seem like a mundane task that is dreaded so it never gets done. It’s that job assigned to you (mother) and before long you find yourself lost in last years Christmas decorations, decorative portraits, dusty bikes and dated videos that have not seen the light of day for the best part of a decade!   Turn the process of sorting your garage out, into a fabulous, family clear out with help from everyone including, dad! You will be surprised by all the items you re-discover, locked away and buried under various blankets, bags and boxes of all sorts. It may take you some time and effort but will leave your family with memories that are sure to last a lifetime   

2) Safety first  When it comes to your garage there can be hordes of rubbish collected over time, but there’s also some items that have both sentimental and quality value. These items should be protected from unwanted visitors in the form of necessary security accessories for your garage door.   Style shouldn’t be sacrificed through security, so visit Select Garage Doors for only the best quality, reliable products with a collection of satin chrome and antique brass handles and hinges available to safety-proof your home today.   

3) Organisation  for the busy family  For busy families with a multitude of clutter to clear, you need something to keep everything in check as you look to arrange various items across a smaller garage space. You can find storage units, hooks and shelves at your local hardware store. Just hang your possessions up on the walls and store all sorts of things on your walls to free up floor space and give the illusion of a clutter free garage - you’re welcome!   

4) Pretty up your garage steps  There’s nothing like adding a splash of colour to your home to brighten up your mood as you set about clearing out. You can transform your garage into a spectacle to be admired with just a touch of paint and a little imagination.   For example, your stairs lead the way to better things (apparently) and so you can put a spring in your step with a brighter colour and a little message to lift your spirits. The Only Way Is Up, Welcome HomeHappy Home etc. This is a great way to brighten up an otherwise dull, boring expanse of space.   

5) Easy storage and organisation  solutions  Don’t waste hours of your time looking for an expensive shelving unit, complete with all the bells and whistles! You can purchase plastic totes for next to nothing and with a carefully placed label, you will always know what goes in them and will be able to find things much easier.   This article was provided by Geoff Gibson, Director, at Select Garage Doors. If you are looking for a new side hinged garage door, or perhaps you just want to protect your family with security accessories, give their expert team a call on 01942 311 110 and they will be happy to help!


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