Birthday Wish List for a 5 year old

Emilyn's Birthday is coming up. She will be 5! Where does the time go?

So what do you get a little girl who has everything?
You must know how much I love wooden toys? Here's the link to their Christmas list
I'm totally in-love with the range Mulberry Bush range at the moment, well it's no surprise really they've always been beautiful.
Here's Emilyn's Birthday Wish List, She sat down with me & pointed at the things she loves! I used to 'circle' the things I wanted for my birthday in the 'Index' catalogue... how times have changed.

Fairy Skittles - Just £7.99

Wooden beauty set £14.99 I love this set don't blame Emilyn for picking it.

Bake & decorate Cupcakes so cute £17.99

Daisy tabletop cooker £35.00

Wooden cash register Emilyn loves playing shops £25.00

Just how beautiful Bay Tree House £95

Rope Ladder - Emilyn said she loves this she wants it in the woods so cute - £12.99
Emilyn's words "this is the most awesome thing ever!" £49.00
I love that Emilyn loves cars - a magnetic car loader £16.99
glow magical unicorn pillow pet £19.99

Lego Movie watch £19.99
Emilyn's a girl who knows what she wants ... bless her so sweet listening to her telling me what she wants for her birthday.

You can build your own Wishlist here

Baby and Toddler Show 2 tickets to Giveaway - you chose from Manchester or Bluewater!

I've teamed up with Baby & Toddler show to bring you guys the chance to 'win' 2 tickets! Yes we are just giving them away. You will be able to chose if you wish to attend the Manchester  26th to 28th September 2014 or Bluewater 10th to 12th October 2014 show. 
As you probably know, the show attracts the biggest baby and toddler brands, who will be showcasing their latest products at great prices and even offering you all the opportunity to try them for yourself. There will also be a selection of experts who will be speaking at the Expert Advice Workshops throughout the three days and they will be available to answer any questions you may have.
You can get more information about Baby and Toddler show *here 
Good Luck - UK only sorry - Ends 5th September 2014 winners will be picked at random with Rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fit in your car Thursday! Bugaboo Buffalo and the Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

A new weekly link up that will be on my blog - Fit in your car Thursday.
Pretty much what it says on the tin. I will bring you each week a car, with that car I will show you what I can fit in to it.
Will a Bugaboo Buffalo fit? Will my Cybex Pallas car seat fit? Is the seat belt long enough? Is the boot big enough?
It's a big deal. You need to know what buggy will fit in your car. Well each week I'll bring you this :

Also if you are thinking about buying a new buggy pop me an email & see if I can test it out on a car similar to the one you own.

What Car : Toyota Yaris

What Buggy : Bugaboo Buffalo (back wheels removed) & Quinny Yezz

What car seats : Cybex Pallas & Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

It fits ! Shocked face right... how surprised was I to see the Bugaboo Buffalo (one of the biggest buggies) will fit in a teeny tiny Yaris Boot.
The Yaris is super clever though - you see you can manoeuvre the back seat to give you a bigger boot. HOW PERFECT. This is the mark one Toyota Yaris.

Both car seats fit too - it is a squeeze but they fit.

I even managed to fit the Quinny Yezz into the boot, as well as the Bugaboo Buffalo.! 
Next week I'll show you what you can fit into a Ford Fiesta - do you think the Buffalo will fit??

If you want to link up your own fit in your car Thursday go ahead I'd love to see what you can fit into your car... 

We are now Fishers Farm Park Members! Sussex Fun.

Today we had the best day out at our local Farm park, I plucked up the courage to finally buy the annual pass meaning for the next year we can go when we wish to for however long we wish to.
As well as having the membership we also get 10% off food & drink, the toy shop & friends admissions to the park... Perfect.
Fun at Fishers Farm Park

What's at Fishers farm park?


Indoor fun includes :

  • Soft play barns
  • 6 x giant slides
  • Toddlers Squishy Farmyard
  • Animal encounters barn
  • Animal Events Stage
  • Small animal handling
  • Farm shows
  • Barn theatre shows
  • The tractor yard
  • Farming museums 

Fun at Fishers farm

Outdoor Fun Includes :

  • Pony Rides
  • Adventure Golf 
  • Toboggan Run
  • Water Paddlerz
  • Beach Splash attack zone
  • Barrel bug ride
  • Big red tractor ride
  • Ghost Tunnel
  • Go Kart tracks
  • Sheep/pig racing
  • Summit Plummet climbing tower
  • Squirrel scramble tree top adventure
  • Climbing wall
  • Merry go rounds
  • The enchanted wood
  • Jolly Fisher Galleon ship
  • Lighthouse slides
  • Zip lines
  • Panning for gemstones
  • Lots & lots more... 
at the Beach 'splash attack' Zone
Take a look at Fishers Farm Park for more information 

On the big red tractor ride

So glad we are now members as even in the winter the indoor play barn is fabulous I can pop in after I collect H from pre-school he can play at the soft play whilst I have a sneaky coffee. Perfect.
So if you're in Sussex or Surrey & wanting/needing something to keep your little ones entrained you must pop down to Fishers farm. My Children's favourite.

Pet boxes are becoming a part of our lifestyle! The Pawsomebox

The pawsomebox 

Quick on the heels of home and beauty subscription boxes, 

pet boxes are becoming a part of our lifestyle!

Founded in 2012 by a team of pet parents and current leader 
in the European pet box market, Animalbox is launching 
‘Pawsomebox’ (for dogs) & ‘Purrfectbox’ (for cats) in the 
UK: Subscription-based monthly gift boxes containing a selection
 of 5 to 6 premium goodies (High quality treats, unique toys,
 hygiene products and accessories) that are customised based 
on the pet’s size, breed and preferences!

Welcome to the world of Barkday parties (birthday parties for dogs), 
Doga sessions (Dog Yoga), whisker wednesdays and caturdays! 
Recent studies show that one in six pets enjoys monthly visits to the groomers
 and more than 90% get a Christmas present. On average per month, 
pet parents spend £70 on their pets and spoil them with 5-7 goodies!
Subscription goodie boxes for pets are a relatively new concept but

 have seen a lot of success and growth in the last few years. 
Animalbox co-founder, Antoine Chabassol comments 
“The element of surprise regarding the different goodies 
received every month and the cost-effectiveness of the boxes 
are major forces behind this success.” 
Each month, the boxes have a different theme for example a World 
Cup Box with goodies for outdoor games or a Halloween box filled
 with tricks and treats. Based on the theme, the staff picks out high
 quality treats, fun toys, hygiene products and accessories customised
 for the furry friends based on their size, breed and preferences. 
Subscription plans are monthly, 6 monthly or yearly plan and start from 
£15.90 per month with free home delivery. It is an economical alternative
 as the RRP of products is always much higher than the price of the box. 
The social media team provides tips Facebook & Twitter, news,
 exciting offers, contests and even free boxes to make sure tails keep wagging!

Tigercub Hideout House Blogger Competition #TigercubHideout

I'm entering Emilyn into this cute small blogger competition and I’m hoping it’s one you’d like to enter too. The prize is a kids’ wooden playhouse, which they’ll deliver free to the winner. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a fantastic summer competition and I bet your children would love to win their own playhouse– read all about the product:HERE

Tigercub Hideout House Blogger Comp - Emilyn age 4 
Here is Emilyn's dream house - It's a house for Superhero's of course. 
In her words "This is my super hero house, it has 5 floors because I am almost 5 years old. It turns into a Submarine as well so they can go under the sea to help protect the world with their super powers. It also has a Helicopter landing pad on the third floor. 
Ground Floor
A swimming pool inside with lots of inflatable for the super heroes to relax after a hard day saving the world. The swimming pool is on the ground floor. 
There isn't any stairs in the big house/boat just slides for the superhero's to fly up or slide down to each floor. 
First Floor
On the first floor is the kitchen with unlimited supply of food, the super heroes need lots of sweets to keep their energy up as well as a ball pit for them to dive into. 
Second Floor
on the second floor they have pods to go to sleep in & a giant mattress. With a cinema screen in. With a popcorn machine in the walls so they can eat it when they like. 
Third Floor 
Third floor - is the helicopter landing pad & the gym for the super heroes to get fit so they don't get fat like father christmas. 
Fourth Floor
The fourth floor is the bouncy room with trampolines on the ceiling, walls & floor. 
Fifth Floor
The roof has their super hero flag.
When it turns into s submarine all the windows close and we can travel round the world." 

Before she added all her extra super heroes .

Baby Shopping in Guildford my best bits Polarn o pyret & Koto changing bag

No, I'm no expecting! One of my best friends however is just over the half way mark.
Today we took on the task to get some of the baby bits she needed. As well as getting side tracked with some fabulous SALES...
If you know Guildford in Surrey unfortunately there doesn't seem to be many 'baby shops' When we do find baby shops they are rather small & lacking the stock we wanted to see....
But we adapted well & i'm quite good at finding where we needed to go down the little lanes.
Polarn o pyret For E & H
The main thing we needed to find was a changing bag...not a hard task I know I know; however after visiting Debenhams... Baker Baby by Ted Baker I've always loved - H had lots of Baker baby stuff & they also had a SALE on & after picking up a few beautiful bibs & a sleep bag for just £10 we were happy!... House of Fraser... Polarn o pyret  stopped me in my tracks with their SALE I had to have a snoop... I managed to get two t-shirts & a baby vest covered in Ice Creams *Adorable over load*
Polarn o pyret
Baker Baby by Ted Baker

& Mothercare we seemed to be losing hope... although found the cutest Muslins

Until we went to Jojo Maman Bebe Hurrah for Jojo! The first bag we saw we both loved.
The Koto changing bag with the colour choice or red or brown... for just £40 It was beautiful!!
The Koto Changing Bag £40!

A successful day & a lovely girly day out! 
Albeit a little stressful with my two monkeys .... 

Monsters Online competition with Mattress Online

MattressOnline has created this competition for your kids, if they are aged 10 or under and would like to enter, to design the best monster drawing, picture, painting, model, or anything, from their imagination to win some great prizes! 
Here are Emilyn's & Hugo's Monsters.
My children love watching Monsters Inc.

Emilyn says "these are happy, angry monsters you have to be a good girl or boy or they might try to nip & eat you, but don't worry because these monsters live far far far away in space & only come to visit sometimes on their Space ship but not very often because they are scared of heights & don't like eating Cheese. But the moon is made from cheese so they don't visit there very often either. 
My monsters are quite um scary but not as scary as Hugo's monster. 
The red & purple monster is called Rosy & the orange monster is called Dash.
Rosy is slow like a slug but has teeny tiny feet she shuffles along the road. She is allergic to grass also. 
Dash is quick & runs fast she has lots of hands to tickle you. 
She loves eating slugs so it's good that Rosy isn't a slug. 
Dash can jump really really high like she's on a pogo stick but it's just her legs."

Emilyn's Monsters age 4

Hugo's Monster is called Saw he is quite a happy monster but roars A LOT. He can't talk but can roar all the time. He lives with all of his family they all look like him. 
Saw is Happy & helps tidy Hugo's toys away at the end of each day. he is a noisy monster but doesn't like MESS.
This is Hugo pretending to be 'Saw' his Monster.

Hugo's Monster age 2

The Competition is open from 16th August, and closes at midnight on Sunday 16th September 2014. The competition winners will receive either £100, £50 or £25 worth of monster goodies and reading prizes, to be chosen by the winners in a wish list! (Subject to availability). 
So if your kids love drawing and being creative as much as mine do, go on get your children involved & take part!

Re-vamping an old trunk

So I bought this old trunk a good few months ago. It really needed a good clean up straight way.

I love that I found the wheels on the bottom of this trunk. 

I started off by giving the chest a good clean, hoovered it & wiped it down.
Then I painted the inside with Annie Sloan.

filled the bottom with Cath Kidston wallpaper ...

I still want to try & restore the outside. 
I'll do some research into it as it's all metal.

Trunk finished filled with wedding accessories.

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