Fraser Fir LED Wreath | Review | Christmas

I'd been looking at getting a Christmas door wreath for some time now, I was so excited when I received it in the post. 

"A Timeless Christmas Favourite"

What I love :
It's made from a perfect combination of their signature TRUE NEEDLE™ and classic needle tips. The colouring is beautiful with a mix of warm mixture of toned green and a hint of silver for that truly natural look. 
I love the LED lights & that the battery pack and timer automatically lights up the wreath for a maximum of six hours at a time. This creates a brilliant display each night. 
I've had many compliments from friends and family also our postman! 

Up close the wreath doesn't cry out "I AM FAKE" but looks in keeping with the outside & nature. 

The lights add a splash of class & festivity. 

blurry lights....

The wreath at night time. 

Shining away beautifully. 

RRP for this beautiful 24 inch BH Fraser Fir LED Wreath is just £89 but currently £59 in the sale.... (26/11/15)

*I was very kindly sent this to review but all photos & opinions are personally my own.

Advent Calendar Crafty Christmas | Competition |

As it's now almost December I can now talk about Christmas.
How exciting.
Ocean Loans recently contacted me about this crafty project to combine people's love of their homes, christmas, crafts and advent calendars into one. 
How perfect.

I was sent a plain wooden advent house & a voucher to then go to a local craft shop & buy all the bits I feel I need to create my perfect advent house.

I picked up pretty christmassy bits of paper, wooden stars, little buttons, the cutest gingerbread men, numbers, white paint & glue.

I started by painting my whole house white, I had to do four coats of white paint. Who knew? 

Then I started fitted the paper to size... easier said than done I promise you...

I started using the red & brown bits of paper but before i stuck it all down I realised I wanted to stick with brown & white paper...

With life being so manic I left my house all prepped but not stuck down for a few days.

Finally finished it; all the doors open & I've put little chocolates in each door. 
Now we just need the 1st December to hurry up & we can enjoy our calendar.

It fits in perfectly with our house decor.
Fun & child friendly.

Christmas day door ! 

This is my finished Advent calendar for the Competition.

I've really enjoyed putting it all together & hopefully it'll now be in our family for years & years to come.

I love it, the children love it too.

*Disclaimer  This post is my entry for the advent competition by Ocean finance, I was sent the advent calendar however all photos and opinions remain my own* 

Today was my 20 week scan... Pregnancy

Today I had my 20 week scan, today is the day I had been half dreading since the day I found out we were expecting a baby. Today has been the most emotionally draining day I've had for months.
After a rather restless night of no sleep at all. I woke up with a headache & on the verge of tears even thinking about the scan.

Luckily our appointment was at 10am, so after we dropped the bigger smalls at school & drove to our hospital we had 15 minutes to spare & we were called into the scan room at 5 minutes past 10.

I had lots of friends & family texting me, which was lovely but also made me emotional.... did I mention I was an emotional wreck? I decided to turn my phone off not that this helped me a great deal...
As I laid down on the bed I couldn't stop myself, the tears just kept rolling down my face. 
I had convinced myself something would be wrong... I suppose with the way H's scan turned out to be like, the thought that something would be wrong with the baby would actually be easier for me to handle perhaps if the baby did have talipes. 

I tensed my whole body up & as she struggled to get the measurements of the spine & brain not to mention the heart chambers... I was a wreck of tumbling nerves. Mr.H mentioned about H's Talipes & the lady swiftly tried to get a good picture of the feet. 
This pushed me over the edge... the feet looked beautiful. I couldn't believe how stretched out baby small was. H's scan his feet were so curled up they squashed into his face. 
The relief this baby was talipes free kind of took my breath away, like I said in the previous post I wouldn't of even been sad if Baby small DID have talipes. The feeling I felt was bizarre. 
That feeling that I couldn't of cared less what the baby was; I just wanted a happy healthy baby. As simple as that. 

The lady asked if we wanted to know the sex.... I just couldn't answer I just didn't care. My baby was healthy, happy & kicking like mad. That was all that mattered. Mr.H did say yes that we wanted to know, a good thing really as my two biggest smalls desperately wanted to find out. 
Bare with me I will share with you, but we need to let family know first. 

The scan took about 45 minutes & everything looks good. Baby smalls weighs 11ounces. 

We left the scan then called my midwife who took us round the birthing suits as at our hospital they've just  had a full refurb & now have birthing pools for women who are high risk. This is amazing!
So glad Mr.H took the day off to come with me. He's been my complete rock. Lucky to have him.
I had worried so much about today that I've now got the most god awful headache & my eyes sting...
We managed to get lunch in town then do a small bit of Christmas shopping for our smalls.

We got this card for E & H... Inside we put a picture of baby small & then a little message for E to read from baby.... I blog about that soon though. 

Feeling very lucky & thankful for my beautiful life. 
I can't wait to meet baby small & not have to worry about hospital appointments & I get to buy lots & lots of full baby grows with feet!!....

Bump Monday | 20 weeks Pregnant |

|| 20 weeks today! ||
Half way through!! 
Time needs to slow down a bit, I suppose now I'm running around after two smalls & the puppy I barely get a moment to think about time. 

How am I feeling?

I'm feeling ok. I'm feeling good, I'm tired but when am I not? 
I'm waking at about 2am each night & then struggling to get back to sleep.... 
I'm wondering if it's my nerves worrying about the scan coming up this week, rather than anything else. 
Excited that next weekend we will start baby shopping. I know I know I haven't bought a thing yet really apart from a few bits of unisex clothes. 
I just can't bring myself to buy anything until we know 100% that baby is OK.

We are both still unsure if we will find out the sex.... If I was to guess I'd say boy. My bump is lower just like H's bump I'm already struggling to put my shoes on. Very similar cravings to H's pregnancy still enjoying coffee & skittles. 

E & H both want to know the sex.... E says 
" as long as baby is healthy and..... a GIRL! thats all that matters...." Oh to be a six year old again with their simplicity. 
H would adore a brother & he's said we will call the baby "Buzz like Buzz lightyear".... 

SPD is painful this week 

Mr.H's jumpers are the best <3 nbsp="" p="">

Baby is the size of a small Banana 

Skittles. Yum
Olives. Amazing.
Pitta & houmous....

On a positive :
I'm now half way through my pregnancy. 
Scan this week *fingers crossed baby is OK. 

My favourite Changing bags

New baby, must mean a new changing bag.
Before I had children I was bag & shoe obsessed, there's nothing nicer than a well made quality easy on the eye changing bag... also I like the bags that don't look just like changing bags & that I could get away with taking out when I haven't got the baby...

This is the mixed selection I found.... 

Nova Harley Luxury Wedge - Found for £99 from Mothercare
Mia Tui - Emma Baby Changing Bag - on Sale from £65 to £59.99  

Storksak Noa Changing Bag, Yellow £75.00

Nova Harley Luxury Changing Bag - Miami £139.00

Babymel Tweed Slouchy Bag £50

Pink Lining Not So Plain Jane Changing Bag - Penguin Love £69

 Whats your favourite changing bag? 


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