My one REGRET : My Veneer Tooth.

I'm not the normal kind of girl who lives with regrets; however at the grand old age of 15 I was at the dentist, this particular dentist was a relatively new dentist at the practice & I hadn't met him before, he noted that I had a small chip in my front tooth. Being 15 I was young & impressionable. This Dentist said would I like to improve my smile? Yes I said. Having good teeth is important.
He said I can fit you a veneer tooth to make it all better, it will look fantastic he said.
I didn't really ask many questions. I was 15 years old. NHS is free until I left school & I wanted to improve my smile. He was very persistent & went on & on & on about me getting this new tooth.
I wasn't told that my tooth would have to be shaved away nor would I need this veneer replacing every 10 years & the cost would be around £500+ on the NHS.
I was just 15 years old. What did I know? This dentist basically said it was the best thing i'd ever do, I would have that 'celebrity' smile.
After I had it fitted it was painful, I struggled to eat for months, I could never bite straight into an apple ever again. My life changed. But not for the better.
When I was pregnant with Emilyn my gum reseeded around the veneer meaning I then had to have it filled. This happened again whilst pregnant with Hugo, I remember walking around Kingston in agony because the nerve endings were on show & it felt as if my face was falling off with pain.
I regretted this veneer almost as soon as I got it.
10 years down the line I'm sat at my friends house eating a rice cake. A flipping RICE CAKE. The tooth came away from the other half of tooth. My veneer has broken in half. My life is over. I look like a hill billy (not that hill billy's are horrible to look at) & I'm not leaving my house unless its to see my dentist.
Sat here crying over this.
My argument here is I should never of had this done. The dentist was fully in the wrong to persist that I must need this fabulous veneer BUT not give me any information about the up-keep or the amount of money I will need to spend in the future.
Now doing actual research 10 years later I'm reading that the NHS won't do veneer teeth unless its for a medical reason. NOT A COSMETIC reason. HOW was this allowed to be done on a minor?
For goodness sake the chip in my tooth was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
Also looking online more & more & talking to other people who have had veneers I strongly believe my veneer was done horrendously, the real tooth is almost non existent behind the veneer & after looking online everyone states that a tooth will be shaven down slightly.... well my whole tooth is almost gone. This will probably explain the horrendous nerve ending pain.

I'm in such a bad mood about it. This should never of happened I should never of had a veneer in the first place. What was this Dentist ever thinking?
This was last year on holiday the veneer is my right front tooth to me it sticks out like a sore thumb. 
I would never in a million years recommend a veneer for cosmetic reasons like a small chipped tooth (though nor does the NHS apparently so it would cost you the earth) 
My only one regret in life is this damn tooth. 
I have so much anger towards the dentist who thought it'd be a good idea to have it done to me. 
He wasn't at our practitioners long either, something not quite right about him. 
Now I've got to hide my face all weekend, struggle to eat & drink because he thought it was the best idea ever. 
My face is in agony. My tongue & lips keep getting jabbed by the sharpness of it to top it all off. 
It's just not fair.
I feel like complaining. I honestly believe this should never of happened.
Just praying that the dentist will see me Monday. 

Happy freaking Friday....

Inkly Cards and National Stationery Week‏ | Review |

Inkly cards
Inky cards. The new & improved way to send personalised beautiful cards to friends & loved ones.
To fit in with National Stationary week I have reviewed the fabulous Inkly Card mobile phone app.
This app allows you to send real, printed cards & postcards from your mobile device, but most importantly, they can be customised with your own photos and handwriting, using their patent-pending technology. 
I got Emilyn to write her message on a piece of paper, I then took a photo of it with the special app camera on my phone then ta-da it was on my screen like this... 
All Emilyns own writing. No typing her exact writing.
You can find more information here
As I believe the handwritten card is so much more powerful than just typing away on your laptop. This app is perfect for National Stationery week.
Its all about allowing people to use the technology they know & love but to retain that personal touch of a letter writing, whilst using beautiful stationary to do so.
The app itself is 100% free to download & the whole process is really super simple. 
Pick your card... I chose a Fathers day card.
I chose my picture & Emilyn wrote her message.

Pick a coloured envelope (Emilyn chose pick for us)
Also Handwritten envelopes, if you're using an iPad you can write the address directly onto the envelope. They'll even save it for the next time you send a card to that person.
Enter your details upload the card. 
Wait for delivery...

It arrived! We love it, Daddy hasn't seen it yet though.... It's perfect exactly what we wanted. 

I love the Inkly app & will be using it much more.
From just £2.99 & next day delivery if ordered before midday.

Before I go I also want to mention the postcards Inkly also do. 
I LOVE this idea. 
The postcard can add the map to where you are sending the postcard from. Brilliant for holidays. 
What are you waiting for ? Download the app to your mobile device & get writing.

Emilyn's hearts Inkly

UK ONLY - *Disclaimer I was given this for the purpose of this Review: All thoughts & opinions are my own.


Little Tikes Brings Outdoor Fun and Games For Little Ones This Spring/Summer

Outdoor play is essential for any budding little one keen to get on and explore the outside world. This Spring/Summer, Little Tikes has launched a range of new toys that will keep kids entertained for hours, whilst encouraging individual development and creativity and not forgetting helping them to enter into an exciting world of imaginative play.

Little Tikes’ latest Cozy Coupe® innovation has scooped up Best New Toy award in the Outdoor Category at the British Toy and Hobby Association’s 2015 Toy Fair. The Cozy Coupe® Dino comes in ‘Dinosaur Green’ and has cool dinosaur plates that look like real spikes on its roof. The launch is a sign, of the UK’s best selling cars’, continued success as it marks the largest range yet for Little Tikes.

Cozy Coupe® Fun Facts
The iconic Cozy Coupe® car has been a firm favourite in families across the world:
·      The first Cozy Coupe® was launched in 1979
·      The Classic Cozy Coupe® is the best-selling car in the UK - outselling the British Ford Fiesta by 30%
·      1-in-4 kids drive the Cozy Coupe®
·      In 2012, Little Tikes created the first ever adult-sized Cozy Coupe
·      The adult sized car toured the UK appearing on Jimmy Carr’s show ‘8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown’ and then when Stateside and appeared on the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’

Little Tikes’ vast range of playhouses are as popular as ever – and delight children all year round. Brand NEW for 2015 is the Cape Cottage Playhouse – offering the perfect little play home for any child that enjoys a spot of role-play. The cottage features a mailbox, two Dutch doors and working window shutters. Cape Cottage comes in three fantastic colours – red, tan and pink. The new launch completes the wide range of playhouses in the Little Tikes range and is set to excite consumers by offering a competitive price point.

Spring will see the new Sizzle n’ Serve Grill launch adding lots of fun and creativity as kids role play BBQ fun, just like Mum and Dad. Cool colours and styling and lots of accessories to make BBQ’ing time the best time ever!

·      Easy open lid
·      12 accessories
·      Wheels to easily move grill
·      Fun styling
·      Easy assembly

Little ones will love learning to fish with the Fish ‘n Splash Water Table, using their very own fishing rods and scoops to make their catch of the day. The fun and innovative design will delight ‘Little Fishermen’ as they add their latest catch to the fish bowl ready to be counted, then watch it come splashing back down ready to be caught again!

With 10 fun accessories, little ones will have endless fun catching, counting, pouring, and splashing in their own back garden. 

·      Water table with fishing and counting play
·      Includes fishing poles and fish
·      Includes 10+ accessories

Beautiful Bluebells *pictures

I love this time of year. 
We get surrounded by bluebells & I've turned it into a bit of a yearly event. 
This is Emilyn & Hugo through the years in the same woods & on the same tree stump. 
We had to miss out 2012 as the woods were too wet. The bluebells had just got squashed by all the rain that year. 

Emilyn & Hugo with Coco

Hugo says 'stomp stomp stomp'


A few out takes .... Hugo's eyes are shut.

Giggling away

More giggling

.... Bluebells

We love bluebells

Aww Emilyn


Emilyn wasn't impressed.

Hello Coco.

The bluebell got in the way....

Run run run

Giving Coco treats

Scooting around the woods

Hugo in the garden

Bluebells make me so happy. Possibly one of my most favourite times of the year.

Do you have any Bluebells near you? Perhaps its time to investigate your local woods? 
You can see my previous posts about the bluebells here 2013 & here 2013


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