The 6 week countdown

Today we went back to the hospital to get Hugos feet checked & see how he was in his BnB,
We typically arrived late. There was a lady next to me walking through the hospital in a rush too. So many slow walkers infront of me she managed to get past me, I then noticed her baby girl had BnB on too so knew we where both going to the childrens ward & we both seemed to be late! Once we signed in I said hello & chatted to the receptionist after spending so much time at the hospital the staff start to treat you like friends.
I sat in the waiting room & brought up conversation with the lady with the babygirl in BnB as she had a cute Bar Cover on, it was lovely being able to talk face to face to another mummy going through the same thing. Although her little girl was 5months with positional Talipes & only just gone into her BnB they did try to massage it to correct it but wasn't working so only just started the process. We got called into the physio room they where running 15minutes late so I needn't of rushed & lost my breath! Whilst waiting Hugo had decided to do a explosive poo so I had to change him! Got to love him. Emilyn was fantastic she amused herself with the toys in the corner of the room.
Mya our main physio is from Great Ormand Hospital & spends every Thursday at Guildford Hospital. She had a good look at Hugos feet said how great they are doing & started sizing him up for a new pair of Boots. Hugo has 1 foot a whole size smaller than the other one so they hummed & harred over putting one foot in a bigger boot or not but that boot was too big. I wonder if his feet will always be like this I forgot to ask at the time. Would be frustrating buying shoes when he's older if so.
He's been in his BnB for 6 weeks now for 23 hours a day I was told today we now have only another 6 weeks left until its down to just 14hours a day! It's going to be lovely taking him out in the summer without his BnB on being able to put him in proper outfits instead of footless Rompers. Although I love love love babies in their babygros there much cuddlier.
I have surprised myself though I completely 100% happy with him in his BnB they are apart of him & the whole of our family how could I not like them? They will be with us in our routine for the next 5 or so years by then I will probably be completely lost without them. Scared to stop using them even.
So here's to the 6 week countdown May 9th 2012 will be a bizarre day.
To be able to take my boy out in the day without his boots on I don't really know how I feel about it will be sure to blog my feelings at the time.


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