Confessions of a Stay At Home Mum

I often wonder why telling people you are in fact a stay at home mums it brings such negativity behind it.
The population seem to think that being a Stay at home mum means
  • Having Lay-ins 
  • Lazing around in your comfy clothes
  • Watching Daytime Tele 
  • Coffee Mornings with friends
  • Just having a leisurely lifestyle
  • Drinking hot Tea & coffee allday
Well I'm sorry to disappoint but this could not be further from the truth.

The Lay-ins what do you mean?... My daughter has me up from 5:30am -6:30am she is almost 3 years old & always been the same.
Lazing around in our comfy clothes. We probably haven't had a chance to get dressed although i do get dressed at some point of the day even if its a strap top & leggings. With bathing the babies getting breakfast whilst cleaning the house hovering cleaning up spilt breakfast orange juice all over the table cloth.
Daytime Tele is only acceptable whilst heavily pregnant.. I have now watched way too much & only have the Tele on mornings (whilst getting dressed) & evenings with Mic.
Coffee Mornings with friends involve them drinking their coffee whilst I frantically chase Emilyn around or I'm sat Breastfeeding the baby.
Just having a Leisurely Lifestyle. I do Not get a break. even half hour to my self. A mother does not get a day off as babies & children need our 24/7 care.

This is why my own Mother returned to work at social services, as we where more stressful than her own stressful job!

My day goes a little like this.
Wake up 5am feed Hugo. sleep Emilyn then awake at 6am. gets into our bed half an hour later "I'm hungry cereal cereal" so we all then get up to get coffee & breakfast.
bath children about 9am this can take well over an hour for a few reasons. Emilyn loves the bath once shes in. she isn't getting back out. once i have managed to get her out it then can take another 15 minutes to just get a nappy on her for some reason my Girl loves being naked ? a further 10 minutes just getting clothes on her. by this time if we needed to be out the house for whatever reason we are late. to top this of Hugo normally wants a feed & then fully fills his nappy so he needs a whole wardrobe change. so I'm saying this is now about 11am i have managed to get dressed my makeup is done at 7am whilst feeding Hugo or having breakfast but i will still need to do my hair a quick up do with hairspray & clips. I'm Ready the kids are ready. now we go back downstairs do some art & craft stuff or baking. whilst Hugo has an hour nap.
Emilyn & I have our lunch together then she goes down for her nap till 2pm
I then tidy up the mess we made earlier also Hugo is normally awake whilst doing all this i normally have at least one lot of clothes in the wash so i then have to sort those out.
Before i know it its 8pm Mics home from work Children are in bed & all I want to do is go to bed too!

A Leisurely walk around the shops.
Yeah Right. we have a double Buggy Britax B-Dual. A Bugaboo Cameleon Special Edition & a Bugaboo Bee.
If I'm on my own i get the Double buggy out so Emilyn stays put. but as a stroppy 2.5 year old Emilyn point blankly refuses & starts a huge tantrum. so my nice walk around the shops stop & I rush to get the bits & pieces i need without looking like a crazy mum shouting at her child. i ignore her tantrum as much as i can. The disgusted looks from other ladies are great! talk about making me look like a rubbish mum.. the best is seeing New mums with their good as gold new babies & i have heard them say "aww your not going to be like that are you princess." I would love to remind her of her comment in 2 years time walking through tesco with her child on the floor rolling around screaming as she wont give her daughter the chocolate Easter bunny rabbit that she grabbed because Tescos put it in reach of little peoples hands!
Sorry i got a bit side tracked then.

What about a nice trip to Wacky Warehouse & then lunch in the restaurant with other mums & children.
 You would think this would be fun right? Wrong! it was perfect whilst the children played in Wacky warehouse. it was perfect up until we went through to the restaurant for lunch & another child takes his own crayon from near Emilyn & literally all hell breaks lose...
if you hadn't known what had happened you would of thought someone had kicked her & stolen her Blanky & dummy! Emilyn proceeded to lay on the floor rolling & kicking screaming & crying. its one of those moments when you want to pretend this is not your child.
to make matters worst Hugo then wakes up & wants to be fed. Great! I was so close to picking her up & taking her home. She soon calmed down & ate her lunch though.

Hot Tea & Coffee
Never!. try chilled or re warmed in the microwave. My son decides he always wants a feed just as I put the Kettle on, a Typical Boy!

I constantly have baby sick on me even if i have the sick blanket to hand it seems to always end up on my clean clothes.

Even with all my moaning i do in fact Love my life I feel so extremely Fortunate to be able to stay home with my children, watch there development daily. see them grow. Emilyn saying new words daily. Hugo only being 10 weeks old  hes doing new things daily too!
I count myself so Lucky to have my two children & enjoy every moment of the day even when Emilyn is having a tantrum. Its all part of the job. I chose to be a Mummy there is no better feeling in my eyes.

I mean how can i stay grumpy at these two?Also Emilyn isn't that bad normally 95% good & 5% bad most of the time. She is my Best friend we are like two peas in a pod. I love my two little people.


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