Hugos Progress In Photos

Hugo's Feet Before any Casts


Hugo at 5 days old with his first set of Casts on 12/01/12
Feet already looking great after 1 week in casts. 19/01/12
Second set of casts being put on. 19/01/12

Ready to go home both casts on 19/01/12

Third set of Casts on 26/01/12

Hugo's feet after 3 weeks in Casts 02/02/12

after 4 weeks of casts this is the finished product 09/02/12

Just had his BnB put on for the first time 09/02/12

Fed & Happy in his BnB 09/02/12
after 6 weeks in his BnB hes back at the physio to get new boots on.


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