The New Baby. Can he go back now?

Once I had past the 12week scan Mic & I sat down to tell Emilyn she was going to be a big sister & there's a tiny baby in my tummy. She was about 20 months so didn't understand a great deal, she loved the scan photo & was extremely proud to tell everyone that her mummy has a baby in her tummy! The weeks past & my tummy started to grow & show more & more Emilyn enjoyed feeling the kicks. Kissing the Bump.
20week scan came found out she would have a baby brother, of course we didn't tell her of any complication she was too young to understand, but over the few days that we where unsure whether we would be bringing our baby boy home we didn't talk about him much to her as we all felt numb. I had already bonded with my boy I already loved him. The thought of not having him felt like my heart was being pulled back & forth. Emotions everywhere.
The days past slowly We went off to St George's hospital in Tooting to see our consultant & I prayed the cystic plexus cysts had disappeared! In the hope of one day bringing our boy home.
To our delight they had I cried with happiness, Mic & I rung our parents our boy showed no signs of a disability or any other deformities apart from Bilateral Talipes.
I then carried on as normal getting Emilyn to interact with Bump trying to get her used to the idea of baby. We sorted his clothes together we put his crib up at around 36weeks so she knew where her brother would sleep.
My 40weeks Due Date came & went we spent it walking on shoreham beach in Sussex. On the 5th January I went into Hospital with Contractions but got sent home as I was only 2cms dilated. It then took another 2 days till I went back in to have Hugo. As I didn't know whether I was going to be sent back home again or not I didn't tell Emilyn what was happening I just told her I loved her & I would see her very soon.
Hugo was born at 10:20pm on the 7th January 2012. After a 2hour 2minute full labour.
The following day Mic came to see me with Emilyn she was so excited to see her baby brother & his feet didn't faze her she kept hugging & kissing him I thought aw she loves him already.
Later that day I got to go home where everything changed.
Emilyn thought Hugo would be staying at the hospital she was very taken back to him being in our car with her.
Even more taken back to Hugo getting to sleep in her mummy & daddy's bedroom!
The first few days where horrendous with Emilyn having tantrums shouting screaming slapping hitting me everything was aimed at me!.
She must of thought how dare my mummy bring this cute little baby in & leave me.
Of course that was not the case whilst Hugo slept I tried my hardest to cuddle play games make cakes with Emilyn but she wouldn't have any of it told me to go away... The night times were tough too she wanted to sleep in our bed (even though Hugo slept in his own) I was exhausted sat outside her bedroom door tears rolling down my face listening to her cry out for Daddy as she didn't want me near her. It broke my heart. Mic came up to help me; I just sat there saying what have we done to her. She hates me. Her little life has turned upside down. It's all my fault.
5 days later we were off to the Hospital to have Hugo's cast on for the first time. Emilyn openly said good bye to Hugo I suspect she thought he was going back to where ever he came from. She had a lovely time with her Nanna.
Once we arrived back home Emilyn asked why baby was back. I had to explain that he was here for good now & he's not going any where.
Well the following 2weeks went quite stressfully Emilyn had turned into a different child. I was dreading Mic going back to work, he worked an hour away from home & easily working 40 hour weeks.
But surprisingly things got better very quickly my Emilyn returned back to her happy friendly cuddly toddler & started being nice to me, asking where "Gogo" was they've now really bonded it's so lovely seeing them together.
She tells Hugo she loves him & she's happy he is her brother. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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