Teddy Bears Picnic in the Eyes of a toddler

If you go into the woods today...Your sure to get a Surprise.
A Teddy Bears Picnic is happening & Mummies & Daddies are not invite,
 Hello Everyone we are having a Teddy Bears PICNIC
I told my Mummy to stay in our garden part or the fairies shall tell her off as today I'm having lunch with my bears & Hugo.
Mummy won't understand what we are talking about anyway, shes too old.
i am not Emilyn today I'm a "Bug" Red & dotty with Wings. although Mummy says i cant fly with them?
More tea Mr Bear? 
More Bread Roar?
Mummy I'm going to go see the horses now. I might have to ask her to come with me as i struggle to get on the style to see the Horses she might need to pick me up. I will go over anyway to see if i can do it.
no i cant Mummy you've got to help me "I stuck me I stuck me."
Mummy brings Gogo over with her I love my baby boy Gogo he lets me squeeze him & i get to boss him around because I'm his big sister. his shoes & pretty Purple bar are hard though especially if they kick you in the head. Ouch! it makes me cry, then Mummy comes over to give me attention. I then try to do it again but i make sure he doesn't really kick me but Mummy thinks he does so i get more cuddles & kisses. 
Oh there is the Horses!! they are rolling all over the floor like there dancing! theirs a brown one & a white one I'm not sure what there names are i just call them Horseys Neigh it seems to do the job. they come over to me but I'm a little too scared to stroke them. have you seen how big a horsey is? there gigantic! My mummy doesn't like horseys too much though as she has had a few bad experiences with them i think. she wont talk to me about it.maybe she doesn't want to scare me.
oh no oh no my teddies have been left alone. they've drunk all the tea & eaten all the cakes. how greedy of them. i cant take them any where it seems.
before i asked mummy to help me clear up the picnic i offered to make her & Gogo a tea.
mummy seemed very happy & drank the tea & helped to clear every thing away.
we then sat on the floor waiting to see if any of the fairies will come out again, its such a lovely day the Sun most defiantly has his hat on today & the last few days.
its so peaceful in the woods no noise apart from the horses in the field & the rustle from the leaves.
not to forget these Bees everywhere. I don't like Bees they BUZzzzz around my ears. Mummy tells me they are flys but i wont trust anything that's small & fly around. I get very scared & have to get mummy to help me. 
There doesn't seem to be any fairies today,such a shame i love seeing them & knocking on there tiny doors in the trees.
Mummy is telling me its nap time in 10 minute's i hate nap time even if I'm tired what if i miss something important. i try to tell mummy I'm old enough now not to need naps but she insists i still need them. so I'm aloud to play for 10 extra minutes. Ive no idea how long that is but it sounds like ages so I'm going to run around the woods & get my football i will try & get Mummy to play.
oh no mummy is telling me its my nap time now? that couldn't of been 10 minutes i didn't even score a goal at football! no fair.
but OK Good Night Everyone Night Gogo love you kiss kiss
in my bed now its not so bad mummy read Bartholomew to me its about a kitten its my favourite book i keep it under my pillow so Gogo cant get it. 
Yawn I'm quite sleepy now Ive enjoyed my day so much see you in the morning.
Night Night Mummy xxx
By Emilyn 2 years 6 months old


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