There is Fairies at the bottom of my Garden

If you go down to the woods today your sure to get a surprise.
You've got to be very still & very quite as almost like your not even there.
You may be lucky enough to see one it's not your eyes playing tricks.
They fly around so very quick you could miss them with a blink of an eye.
Once you've seen one your bond to see another, only believers can see them so the scenics don't even try, not worth your time even if you think you believe they know the truth,
As Emilyn was playing in the garden earlier on this beautiful sunny day she run through the woods so quickly & then suddenly stop. She had seen one but at 2 years old was very unsure of what that was she had seen she shouted over to be that she'd seen "lightening" she wanted to see it again so we sat on the floor on the edge of the woods & waited. Hugo stayed asleep whilst we waited for another one to fly past us. We waited & waited for Emilyn this must of felt like a lifetime she was extremely patient.
Just as we where about to give up, one landed on Emilyn's arm, neither of us said or done a thing we where mesmerised the little fairy quickly done a little dance, winked at Emilyn & flew away. In Shock Emilyn turned to me & smiled. We had both witnessed this very rare & wonderful moment together one we won't be forgetting anytime soon.


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