Yes. His views have been compared to that of the Nazis,

He is shocking no surprise his views have been compared to that of the Nazis,

 According to Him infants not only can but should be considered replaceable! in that the birth and continued life of a disabled infant may stand in the way of what he believes to be the more happy occasion of birth of a normal child.
Parents, He states, should have the right to decide to kill an infant up until the age of one month! this is morally acceptable because a) at that age no infant is a person, and 2) infanticide has the advantage over abortion of allowing parents to have more information about a child’s condition than might be available in pregnancy.

This Man (if you can call him that) is called Peter Singer: Moral arbiter of life and death Born 6th July 1946

"He is a brilliant philosopher whose views both inflame and delight: animals have the same rights as people; not all human lives are worth saving."  In The Guardian Newspaper has abit about his Views.

So according to This grotesque man My own son shouldn't be here?
Hugo as you know if you are following my Blog has Bilateral Talipes we knew whilst i was pregnant, he might well of had brain problems this can be common with a deformity

Just because Hugo wasn't the perfect text book baby. Just because his feet where deformed.who in there right mind can say OK yes lets Kill a baby up to 1 month old as this infant is not a person yet!?
Hugo was smiling by 4ish Weeks old & he was very observant at looking around.

Every & I Mean EVERY  baby has a right to Life. whether they have Talipes, Downs syndrome, Cleft pallet or even worse.
So hes saying you go for your 20 week scan see your baby has a problem. any problem a minor or severe to then have the baby to see how severe the babies condition is to then decided whether the babies life is worth to keep as he says i quote
"infants not only can but should be considered replaceable"
this man has well & truly stumped me. how he lived in the real word & had feelings towards other human beings is beyond me.
I wonder if he would of killed his own children if they had physical problems (if actually had any?)
Was he married? I'm going to have to do more research in to him.

Every child is different i Have my Emilyn & Hugo they each have their own personality's to which i love. for him to say we should look at infants as replaceable is madness.
my children are defiantly NOT replaceable & I'm sure i cant talk for every mother out there will all say the same. 

 In his book Rethinking Life and Death, as well as in Practical Ethics, Singer asserts that, if we take the premises at face value, the argument is deductively valid. Singer comments that defenders of abortion attack the second premise, suggesting that the fetus becomes a "human" or "alive" at some point after conception; however, Singer argues that human development is a gradual process, that it is nearly impossible to mark a particular moment in time as the moment at which human life begins.

His Own mother had Alzheimer's disease. He said, "I think this has made me see how the issues of someone with these kinds of problems are really very difficult".
In an interview with Ronald Bailey, he explained that his sister shares the responsibility of making decisions about his mother. He did say that, if he were solely responsible, his mother might not continue to live!

It is wrong to kill an innocent human being.
A human fetus is an innocent human being.
Therefore it is wrong to kill a human fetus


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