A Happy Easter

Easter Sunday my day started at 1am with Emilyn being sick a roaring temperature & asking to get into our bed, I calmed her down & she went back to sleep. The night then followed Hugo up feeding Emilyn awake crying like this till 6ish when Emilyn got into bed with us & Hugo was feeding again so I stayed awake with both children fast asleep on me till 8.
This was day 4 of Emilyn being poorly & pretty much no sleep for me, I question myself to how I manage on days like these. No sleep a baby & a grumpy poorly toddler, I've come to the conclusion all mummies are wonder-women & we just get by with the littlest amount of sleep, food, water & rest. I'm pretty much zombiefied most of the time & this is why I put the milk in the dishwasher & dirty nappies in the microwave. This is a daily occurrence with different things. Anyhow let's get back to Easter Sunday!... The Easter Bunny has been Emilyn, last year we had a lovely egg hunt in the garden. This year the clouds had come over & the rain was beating down on the conservatory the Easter bunny/mummy didn't want to get wet!... So an Excited but poorly Emilyn went round the house collecting little chocolate eggs in her basket. Each egg she found it was as if it was the first she was so amazed that a bunny rabbit had been around the house dropping her eggs for Emilyn to find. After she had found the last one she asked to have one & so I let her we had a busy day ahead of us & it's Easter so a little chocolate before lunch will do no harm.
We set off for her cousins first birthday lunch Emilyn & Hugo slept the whole hour Journey. She was so excited to see her cousins but felt so poorly she just sat in her highchair colouring in the children's menu. In her own little world. We had a lovely meal & was so nice to see the Family. We headed back home for 4ish where we then just chilled out & watched "Hugo" the film in 3D. It's a lovely film & so glad I finally watched it after all this is why I named Hugo "Hugo" I recommend it.
We then had a family Roast with my Parents & sisters Emilyn didn't want anything & put herself to bed.
I feel so helpless when the children are poorly. She doesn't know what to do with herself she's having two naps a day but then up half the night coughing, sneezing, high temperature or being sick.
She's still poorly today it's so tiring up all night with her & Hugo has decided he wants to be fed every 2hours so as you can see I'm exhausted. Emilyn just cries when she wants something it's like having twins at times.
On top of this Hugo kicked Emilyn with his BnB the other day & now she's taken a distinct dislike to them. She won't go near them. It makes me feel sad just another thing that wouldn't be a problem if he didn't have Talipes but hey ho another obstacle we will tackle.
The Children & I are off to Norfolk tomorrow to see my grandparents , Aunty & cousins I'm looking forwards to going away. But the stress of packing up the car & going especially with Emilyn not being well.
Hope you all had a Lovely Easter.


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