Mums 101

Mums 101 I was tagged by the lovely Ella at Honeysmummy in a Meme about a mummy's top 3 annoyances you'd like to see in 'Room 101'. Such a good idea, and great for a little vent!...

1.The Breastfeeding VS Bottle Debate... OK wow i can't believe how heated these get... this is your own personal choice no one can tell you to do anything you don't want to do.. I have chosen to Breastfeed both of mine while they where babies when i started feeding Emilyn i felt very pressured into it & for that reason i didn't enjoy it & counted down the days till i could stop. this Time i have chosen myself to breast feed Hugo & i am loving it i cant see myself stopping anytime soon. why people have such strong views on either choice is beyond me... & bugs the hell out of me.

2. The never-ending, super condescending "So you are not going back to work then?" or "when will you go back to work?" "You cant stay at home forever" or "Have you been looking for a job?" as "being at home with the children isn't work..." WOW how rude do some of you want to Be... No I'm not going back to work, yes I know how lucky I am that we can afford to stay home, & be in the position we are. Also my Son is only 3Months old so I am not going back to work anytime soon. Perhaps when they are both at full time school i will look into getting a job again but at the moment this is a  full time job & a hard one at that...its actually not any of your business...that infact I would like to be the one bringing up my own babies thank you very much! I get this question a lot from strangers, friends, family, other mummies, pretty much everyone. I just find it so strange that people are shocked I choose to stay at home to look after my family. I don't question others for going back to work so don't judge me!

3. Competitive parents! ... Yawn... You know the ones.... Their baby started walking, Talking, smiling, laughing all before yours, Only took a week to potty train at a year old... eats all their vegetables & never leaves a scrap on their plate...their baby goes to bed with no problem no tantrums no crying nothing & then their baby sleeps 16 uninterrupted hours a night at 12 weeks old, they can also Clap Roll & hold things all before the expected age, the "oh can't your baby do this or can't your baby do that?"  Chill out ladies! Mine are perfect too, just because they are mine. (Ella - Honeys Mummy I completely agree with your last two ...  i have changed them though ) :)

To carry on the meme I tag - Shay Shay and Family Laura the life and times of the working mum Lisa diary of a thirty mummy & last but not least Jenny confessions of a mumpreneur Ladies if you have the time or inclination (don't worry if not!), just post your top 3 motherhood related gripes in your own 'mums 101' post, and link back to Never Bored of Bubbles so people can come and read the other posts.


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