Think of life as one long holiday

Life is Just a Long Two Week Holiday

I think this is a brilliant way to think of life.
Yesterday I went out with my Dad driving through the countryside in his Convertible talking about My younger sister who is in China at the moment shes there for 10days. I mentioned how once she gets to the 7 days she perhaps will be ready to come home.
we then got on to the conversation of "I like to think of life as a 2 week holiday I bet no one else thinks like this".
I found this idea so lovely also quite amusing.
That Hugo hasn't even got on the plan yet hes in the Departures lounge buying designer sunglasses. So unaware of what will be on his Holiday.
Emilyn has Just Boarded her plane ordering a drink & food for the long flight looking forwards to her 2 weeks to come of her holiday all giddy & excited.
Now Mic & I am on the first week of our holiday on about Wednesday we are enjoying ourselves & always looking forwards to the next day.
My Dad said he was near the end of his Holiday & can now see the end of it hes had a great time always had a laugh & isn't scared of getting on the plane when is time comes.
Hes not even old so i argued at this & said i think he should be Wednesday of the second week.
He also said his Dad my Grandad was waiting at the airport for his taxi after his holiday as he has passed away.

The More we spoke about this the funnier it all became & what a lovely way to express life.
I found the whole thing quite comforting.
Can you imagine all these tiny new born babies waiting in the departure lounge, all these toddlers getting on the plane.
All the Teenagers getting off the plane & so on.


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