This Advert got me thinking...

About Breastfeeding... As It shows a baby Breastfeeding yes an actual breast in a baby's mouth. The shock of it. How bloody dare they subject young children to seeing such a thing?. On top of having a breast out on an advert the baby is holding an Oreo Cookie! The Horror of it the baby will get covered in chocolate from the cookie!.. *tutt-tutt*
So If Oreo is milk’s favourite cookie, does that include breast milk?
This has been made in South Korea their marketing and communications agency Cheil Worldwide has reportedly released an ad for Oreo cookies entitled “Basic Instinct,” depicting a baby at his mother’s breast with the tag line, ‘Milk’s favourite cookie.’I think its Fab to be honest I don't feel disgusted by it. the baby looks as if he or she is just about old enough to eat the Cookie so what is the Big deal... This advert has caused Uproar worldwide.
I need to understand why us as Humans find breastfeeding so icky...People are happy enough to have Page 3 in The Sun & the actually seeing a full breast... as a Breastfeeding Mother myself i know that when my baby is hungry i feed him. wherever i am, In a restaurant, In a coffee shop, on the beach, at a zoo, on a bench, I will feed him wherever i happen to be at the time he needs it. I then don't get my breast out for the whole world to see & i feel i feed him quite discreetly.
But still as soon as a stranger notices you are in fact feeding your hungry baby you then get daggers sent over at you as if to say how dare you feed your baby here..
A while ago we then had the dispute with Facebook Mark Zuckerberg removing breastfeeding images from peoples personal pages. As if to call it Porn!  I think It’s about time we get over any remaining breastfeeding squeamishness.
Its probably one of the most natural things in the world. I used to be so scared of what the public would think of me breastfeeding whilst i fed my daughter that i would take the time to express & bottle it up i done this for 5 months whilst i breastfed her i was terrified all the horror story's you here of women being chucked out of coffee shops or being told to stop feeding as its upsetting the other customers. i mean c'mon we are in the 21st century there are bigger things to worry about in the world.
since having my daughter in 2009 my confidence has grown & i now proudly feed Hugo (3months old) anywhere & god forbid if anyone came up to me to tell me to stop i would tell them straight- that i am feeding my baby & no one has the right to tell me otherwise. or i might just burst into tears & tell them how horrible they are. depending on mood.!
i loved the story about the lady who organise the Breastfeeding flash mob in Brighton as she had a uncomfortable confrontation with a lady in a shop telling her to cover up & use a towel whilst feeding her daughter. I would of loved to of joined in but i was still Pregnant with Hugo then.
I think the most controversial thing is photos of baby's breastfeeding? I have a few but those i have taken myself i suppose people think it would be abit odd to take a photo of me breastfeeding? I wouldn't mind but again people seem to find the whole thing unnerving.
The Joy & happiness i get from Feeding Hugo is actually quite overwhelming at times. I honestly can't see myself giving up any time soon, It defiantly hasn't been easy & I'm really hoping we get his tongue tie sorted soon as its such a killer to feed him but i cant get away from his happy face so contented by me by its also made it harder with his boots & bars getting him in the right position especially in public with his boots & bars getting in the way or nowhere to put them so hes comfortable so we have faced many challenges the worst bit for me was a trapped nerve in my neck which made it impossible for me to look down or to my left, that lasted over 2 months & still comes back now & again.its truly horrible.
We've tackled many breastfeeding obstacles & still facing the tongue tie its all so worth it i love feeding him myself i count myself truly blessed & very Lucky.

So whats it going to take for people to just "get over" the whole *yuckyness* of breastfeeding??


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