Day 2 20 Facts About Me

Day 2: 20 Facts About You

1. I am terrified of anyone or anything dressed up - I have got to "man up" infront of my babies.
2. I lived in Spain Marbella with a friend when i was just 16 for 6months.
3. I started Modelling from 15 Years old.
4. I had a casting for Playboy Magazine at 18.
5. I was in a Music Video.
6. I am addicted to Fake Tan.
7. I am addicted to Bugaboo Buggies.
8. I love baking Cakes & Cupcakes.
9. I used to be a full on Tomboy as a child.
10. I Never finished School.
11. I need things in place & tidy or i feel sick.
12. when my modelling career kicked off i was Pregnant so stopped.
13. I have two wonderful sisters 24 & 15.
14. I got Married when i was 20.
15. We had a small intimate wedding with just two other people & Emilyn.
16. I have two Dogs. Beth a LeonburgerXGerman Shepard & Molly a Lhasa Apso.
17. I do my Hair & Make Up everyday without fail even if I'm not going anywhere makes me feel Happy.
18. I have had M.E since 13 although i think I'm pretty much ok now.
19. I have a pub in walking distance to my house & only been in once.
20. I admit that some aspects of my life i am quite over the top.



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