Day 4 What am I afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

I like to think I'm not scared or afraid of anything.
But in my deepest darkest thoughts I am terrified of the following...
Whilst being pregnant with both of my two something being wrong with them or going wrong with my pregnancy. At my 20week scan with Hugo this Horror came true & I found out he had problems my world collapsed. This has 100% put me off having any more babies I couldn't bare going through any of it again the thought of not bringing your baby home is indescribable.

I was sat in the car thinking about this the other day how absolutely terrified I am of death- I can't get my head around it I believe in God & I'm a Christian so I know there's a better place or I'd like to think so. But actual dyeing I can't bare to even think of it. I'd like to pass when I'm elderly & ready to go whilst in my sleep in my own bed this is the only way I can accept death I will keep this idea in my head until the time happens.


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