Day 6 My 5 Senses Right Now...

Day 6: Your 5 Senses Right Now...

07:30am Sunday Morning

So right now I'm in bed got Hubby next to me, Hugo in his crib asleep & Emilyn trying her best to wake him up as they do. But as I'm writing this Emilyn has been downstairs got the weetabix & a bowl & brought it back up...! Not impressed - hubby & Emilyn have now gone down to get breakfast. Scooby Do is also on on the TV not my choice at all.
I forgot 1major thing I can see - my iPhone where I do a lot of my blogs from how did I miss that!

COFFEE getting my morning Caffeine Fix- we have a teasmade how very old fashioned of me but then we get tea & coffee without needing to get out of bed...

So very Warm & cosy in bed with my Giraffe fleece around me too.

The sound of my sleeping Baby - bliss love it.
Also on low I can hear Scooby Do :/

Coffee & that's all at the moment well until I need to change a yicky nappy :)


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