Day 8 What's In Your Handbag

Day 8: What's In Your Handbag

I Don't use an actual handbag- for almost 3 years now i have swapped my Gucci & Louis Vuittons for Pink Linings Yummy Mummy Changing Bags this is my second one so far. I honestly couldn't survive day to day life without my Yummy Mummy Bag - I tried the Cath Kidston Changing Bag but didn't get along with it at all so sold it & got this one a few days after i had Hugo.

This is whats in my Changing Bag

    • Size 3 & Size 5 Nappies 
    • Change of clothes for Hugo
    • sick blankets 
    • Breast Pads
    • Gloves
    • Mini Chedders
    • my inhalers
    • huggies wipes
    • a wooden tree?
    • Rennies
    • Anti - bacterial hand gel
    •  Emilyns Water bottle
    • Emilyns Raincoat
    • Changing mat
    • Emilyns Bow for her hair
    • Sudocrem
    • My Lipgloss
    • My Purse
    • Emilyns Dummies
Emilyn wanted to Join in - our bags all packed away nicely.
Emilyn showing whats in her Clareabella bag


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