I am Willing to try anything - Sleeping Like a Baby

well maybe not "Anything" but almost ...

why oh why do i make babies that dislike sleeping. My Daughter was difficult from the beginning but Hugo started off amazing sleeping 6-7 hours straight hes slept from 10pm-6am three times, so i was put under false pretences thinking wow I've got a baby that likes sleep! well it didn't last long.
As you will know if you have read previous blog posts Hugo is now over 5 months old since he broke his Crib (with all his kicking in his BnB *Boots and Bars*) he had no other option than to sleep in his lovely new Cot. i first had it right against the bed but i found it difficult getting him in & out up to 6 or 7 times a night! so now he has his own corner in my bedroom, I am literally like a walking talking zombie, you know the whole putting milk in the washing machine instead of the fridge scenario yes that is me! i repeat myself several times a day as i have literally forgotten i have already said it.
so after a busy Jubilee Weekend still with no sleep at night times & then rocking the worst headache/migraine Wednesday/Thursday/Friday last week i had no option than to rest. well as much as i can with a Toddler & baby.
Lack of sleep makes my emotions so much worse too. i get a over powering hatred for His Boots & Bar, the whole "Why me Why my baby" gosh people do not realise how lucky they are. I do realise how lucky i am, I have my Hugo I may not of had him if the worst had happened. so for that i feel the luckiest mummy in the world!
as the days past & the nights went by very very slowly waking hourly watching the sun rise around 4am each day. i really am unsure how much more i can take. i still get up get dressed, do hair make up shower ect ect it does make me feel better but only for so long then i need to chill out or go to bed.
These are the top things i try to check when he wakes up:

1.Hunger - try & feed him now he latches on but then stops feeding & asleep again within minutes - this then makes me think- Comfort!
2.His feet are they in pain? the other morning Hubby took his BnB off at 6am two hours early & he went back to sleep perfectly fine!
3.Teething- are his poor little gums in pain? Calpol & teething gel before bed.
4.Not getting enough food in the day?Ready to wean?
5.Comfort the Cot is huge compared to the Crib.
6.Dirty Nappy.
7.Trapped wind?

As i previously said when I'm tired i get upset much easier, well the thought of not having my cuddle to cuddle at night time without his Boots & Bar on had been really getting me down, i mean how would you really honestly feel if you for the next 5 years had to share your cuddly baby with boots & a huge metal bar. so what i am about to say could be called irresponsible to some but in my eyes, i am missing a huge part of my baby the part where i can feed him wrapped around me all snuggly & not kicking my Husband in the head with his metal bar, this was only something i could dream of. Hugo spends more time asleep in the day than he does at night time, hes making no attempt to crawl so i thought lets give it a try.
OK so this is where i whisper as I'm willing to just about try anything i had Hugo in his BnB all day yesterday & then had them off last night. please don't shout at me, his feet are so sore with blisters & pressure marks i wanted to make sure this had nothing to do with our bad nights. it made no difference at all which in fact i am quite glad about, could you imagine if he slept all night i wouldn't want to put his boots back on, at least i know its nothing to do with his BnBs.
Next on the list is to try weaning I'm so intrigued by BLW - Baby Lead Weaning i need a good book on it as it also scares the hell out of me! any recommendations would be fab!

This morning i gave him baby porridge & for the first time he actually did open his mouth for it & seemed to enjoy it.
 If it carries on i will have to switch to Formula it will still be hard work but once Emilyn was on formula she only woke once a night so I'm so tempted but feel torn with guilt (This is just how i am)
& how expensive Formula is & the faffing with bottles i would need to buy new ones & a steriliser ect ect.

Asleep this is how i had his crib hoping it will improve our night times
He is however fast asleep in his cot right now as I'm typing. I would normally feed him to sleep but i let him self settle & I've made his cot a little bit cosier.
I'm hoping this will help tonight.
Hugo fast asleepbeen asleep for an hour & 20 mins so far
I'm thinking Tough Love is needed- his wake up calls must be for Comfort lets see how tonight goes with self settling.


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