A baby no more

Emilyn has finalised the last stage of being a baby.
I know we are way behind most people. Most people i know put their child into a Big bed by the age of 2. For me Emilyn just wasn't ready & her journey from Baby to child has been guided completely by Her.
we stopped Bottles by 12 months, Nappies & Dummy by 2 years 8months, & now a big girl bed by 2 years 10 months. I'm happy shes happy but i cant help but feel still she is growing up far too quickly for my liking! 
I am Gutted to say the least. she is 2 years 10 months old & finally out of her cot.
How do I feel about this ? Awful. Her cot was her safety zone. she couldn't climb out, she would have naps normally with a small tantrum unless she was major tired but she had no choice but to stay in her cot!
this past week I put her down for her nap, she was protesting like usual & instead of going to sleep. she climbed out of bed & pitta pattered down stairs with the brightest Beam on her face! I put her back several times each time she just proudly came back downstairs. so i gave up. I then that night took the side off her cot.
i wasn't looking forwards to putting her to bed but she was fabulous the first night & the second night. then she had a small tantrum the following night but calmed quickly, Her actual night time sleep is great she hasn't woken up all week where as before she would ask for her dummy *that she hasn't got any more or needing a wee, or just waking up for no reason.
We had bought her a Hello Kitty bed last year but she decided she wanted to stay in her cot. so I've stored the hello kitty bed under our bed. I showed it to her last week, her response " no thank you mummy could i have a Peppa Pig bed please" no pleasing her! at least she was polite about it.
so i think whilst she is happy with her cot bed having the side off i wont upset her by putting up her Hello Kitty bed.
so my baby girl is no longer a baby. 

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