At the school gates

So its a terrifying time when your child starts preschool/school or any new school really... its rarely brought up how scary it is for the mother to meet new Mums in the playground,
your having to stand around with your child in the mornings & then stand around on your own in the afternoons!
now this didn't cross my mind until the morning of Emilyn starting school. i don't know any mums in my area as we relocated from Epsom, London. The sudden realisation that in fact i have got to try my hardest to make small talk with these ladies i no nothing about?
I mean lucky for me I have Hugo the baby in the buggy so a reasonably easy way to start a conversation especially with other mums with babies " aw he/she is adorable how old?" then the conversation gets flowing...
but for the new mums with no baby with them to make conversations easier it must be so much harder for some.
say you are lacking in confidence you walk into the playground the group of mums all know each other, what on earth do you do, if they all ignore you? just stand there twiddling your fingers?
looking awkward? start up a conversation? what do you say?
"So do you work?" "How old is your Little one?"
I would be stumped!
the school runs could be the most awful time for you? you could dread dropping & collecting off your child at school.
i mean mums can be as bitchy as any one else!
I really feel i have been super lucky to have such lovely mums & children at Emilyns preschool. the first few days i admit where awkward, the days i drop Emilyn off exhausted with being up with Hugo all night & i really don't like talking to any one, but the mums make me feel wanted & i walk away from school happier.
on the way to the farm on the school coach
we went to a farm with school this week. it was a lovely way to bond with other mums. i met lots of different mums as Emilyn only goes two days a week,
we really had a lovely day.
I am also so we are planning to send Emilyn to the local school so i will already know most the mums.

tired out after a long day at the farm
going down a big slide
feeding the sheep

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