Some Odd Goings on...

Whether you believe or not, i don't really mind, But if you don't believe i would like to hear your explanation on my odd goings on.
for years now i have been able to see ghosts. no I'm not a loon, or a physic being. *well i may be but i don't think its my calling just yet.
the last few weeks odd things have been happening in my house, chairs moving before my eyes, place mats falling off the table. both times no child or animal or anything in fact was close to either things.
Just now Emilyn hugged Hugo a little bit too hard, he cried & got quite distressed, i popped into the kitchen to get his dinner, the next thing the chair had fallen on to Emilyn, she had not touched the chair, & it had fallen on to her back, no explanation to these?
Years & years ago when i lived here as a child, i used to see a small child, shes a little monkey, hiding things in the house, you know that saying "why can you never find things when you need them?" she would if taken them. at 14 years old my phone disappeared for weeks! it then magically appeared one day.
our books that we are reading & we leave next to our beds the saved pages get changed. this has happened on more than one occasion to my books & my Mothers.
then small things like knocking on the door or the doorbell going off. *Its not an electric doorbell*

Then there is just that Uneasy feeling like your constantly being watched. specially at night times when I'm up with the baby, it oddly has never really creeped me out i suppose I've just got used to it,

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  1. Sod that for a game of fairies! I def believe you, I myself am certain i have seen things, actually i always see the same man very briefly and I have no idea who he is. It doesnt scare me at all because he's never near me as in in my home, sometimes though I get a whiff of cigarette smoke, its very strong but comes then goes and im not sure what thats about either! Happened in my bed, when im on the sofa of standing there chatting lol.
    I dont think you're a loon at all, but can't say i'd be happy with the feeling of being watched!! xx



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