A Tooth - Breast to Bottle

Hugo surprised us last week on the 27th June 2012 to be precise,to a lovely New Tooth his first lovely tooth!

after telling people a lot of their responses where "awamazing his first tooth, no more breastfeeding for you"

i kind of thought we will be ok he very rarely bites me anyway so will just see how we go.

well yesterday morning only 3 days after finding his tooth, wewere having a lovely feed he then bit me, not too hard but i told him off &put him on the other one, moments later he clamps his little mouth down so hardhe breaks skin! i am in shock, tears, pain! a lot of Pain!

i tried to get him off but he had locked his mouth, such acheeky monkey! The pain was unbearable!

Once i managed to get him off me, in shock still my brainjust clicked, right Hugo we are off to Buy Bottles & Formula for you! He’sa few days away from being 6 months, i think I’ve done well, i fed Emilyn tilljust over 5 months & she didn’t even have teeth, i stopped just because ofher gummy bites!

So im proud of what i have achieved, for the last few weeksi have been going round in circles with breast? Bottles? Breast? Bottles?

So it’s quite nice to of made my mind up!

So off to the shops i go.

First off Bottles HOW EXPENSIVE! ... Second off Formula HOWEXPENSIVE!

I stupidly bought "newborn" formula instead of"Follow on milk" when Follow on milk is slightly cheaper & was onafter. A Head banging "Doh" moment!

i feel like a complete First Time Mum, I had no work up toget him on to bottles & he will only take MAM bottles,  which is fine, it’s not like i was given aload of Avent ones brand new or anything,


& i think i need more than 2 bottles? yes i think i do,i totally cannot remember anything about bottles & Emilyn!

eeek! i feel terrified about the whole thing, breast seemsso easy! Although Hugo drinks his bottle within minutes so this will save metime in the day, give me more playing time with Emilyn.

i know in a few weeks i will be a pro at the bottles, it’sjust getting into routine, i never managed to get into a full routine withBreastfeeding, especially at night times, every night i would be up at least3-4 times max 9-10 times or more!

I’m happy report Hugo had his last Bottle at 9pm last night& then woke at 5:45am... then had his bottle at 6am!

I’m amazed! I’m now classing Formula as"MagicMilk"... he has got to have his milk Warm though, Emilyn onlyhad it cold/room temperature, so this again is all so new to me,

I’m just so glad he has taken to the bottle so well he haspoint blankly refused it previously,

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