Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Siblings

OK Before i start I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfollower for hosting this fabulous link whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile. Lucky Thing.

Today Emilyn & Hugo are recovering from a horrid Sickness bug so have been housebound a few days, But today we had to pop to her Preschool & to the shops, We all enjoyed being out the house especially as the sun is shining!

Clothes :  This Morning

So Emilyn is wearing
Top - Marks & Spencers *I think it has a hint of Monsoon to it.
Trousers - Marks & Spenser's adjustable waist Leggings
Shoes -Monsoon Wellies
Hair Clips - Monsoon
Hugo is Wearing a GAP Romper * not that you can see.
This afternoon Emilyn & Hugo had to get changed Hugo had a erm... Nappy Explosion so i put him into a top & joggers. So Emilyn automatically wants her "Snap" top on too. 
Clothes : This Afternoon 
So Emilyn is wearing Top - H&M Rolling Stones Tee
Trousers - Marks & Spenser's adjustable waist Leggings
Shoes - NEXT Socks

Hair Clips - Monsoon

& Hugo is Wearing
Top - H&M Rolling Stones Tee
Trousers - Tesco Joggers
Shoes - None he wears his BnB all night so i refuse to allow shoes/boots/pram shoes on him

Take a look at The Lovely Lady Jenny who got me into Trendy Toddler Tuesday's Blog Here
& Of course go see Medicatedfollower who is Kindly hosting this Link whilst  Very Busy Mama who Normally Hosts this Fabulous Trendy Toddler Tuesday is on her Holidays.


  1. your two are beyond gorgeous! xxx

  2. You make such beautiful babies!!
    I love Hugo's Rolling Stones tee, we have that and the white version of it too :)

    1. thank you honey, i love the rolling stones tee's too :)xxx



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