The truth behind the smile...

So I have been doing some soul searching... meaning I have been so busy with the new Business (follow us on twitter @EmilynCandyCart) & barely sleeping with both children waking each night. Throw in the mix of our fabulous Talipes meet up in Bluewater 'i will blog about that here too'
I've come to the conclusion that; yes i will have hard days with Hugo & his boots but even if i had had a baby without Talipes i would still be having 'hard days' - just minus the bruises the cot bashing the footless baby grows the never being able to get comfy grumpy wakening ups... i will stop there! our life could be so much worse & in-fact i majorly hate getting down in the dumps over his BnB because its not that bad!
the sleep deprivation would make me feel yuck even if the BnB were not included in our lives, but they are & so when i am having a tired grumpy guts day i blame all my sad emotions on the boots! & i really must stop!
we have started to make boots on time fun by singing happy songs to Hugo whilst struggling to get them on him with all his wriggling around now, Mums you will know how hard it gets trying to change a baby's nappy... try putting boots on them that they would clearly rather chew on... the tantrums are erm horrendous! but i grin & bare it & try to stay happy for Hugo's sake more than anything.
I don't want him to resent his boots. without his BnB he would not be walking - 'i personally don't think a lot of people realise just how important Hugo's boots are' the relapse rate is quite big if i stopped the treatment in a few years time let alone if i stopped it now.
I don't even hate his boots I get frustrated with them, i get frustrated that Hugo gets frustrated at times whilst he is in his BnB.

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