Helping Children walk...Doctor Ponseti

So why is this man so special to me i hear you ask...
why on earth am i doing a whole blog post on him?

Because .... He is the reason 

Children can walk... all around the world

This man *god rest his soul* is the reason my son hasn't needed operation after operation...
I could quite easily call him the God of the Talipes world. He spent his life researching Talipes. Bilateral, positional & structural he has made babies parents lives easier to deal with.
I honestly couldn't of even imagined having to leave Hugo for him to go in to operations after operations for years & years of his life.

The Ponseti International Association is the global leader in training and educating healthcare providers on the treatment for congenital clubfoot. The Ponseti Method was developed at the University of Iowa by Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, M.D. This method for clubfoot treatment is nearly 100% effective when used properly by a trained health care provider and is considered the "gold standard" treatment for clubfoot. Most importantly, health care workers in underprivileged areas of the world with limited access to surgical facilities can be trained to use the method, helping hundreds of thousands of children walk...around the world.

What is the Ponseti treatment then? 

I am going to explain it in my terms so you can actually understand... the Treatment is so amazing as hopefully if all done correctly, the child should never need any invasive surgery. 
a quick explanation from what i experienced with Hugo
  • 5 days old - Casts on both feet/legs/knees as high as they would go to stop slipping... if slipping occurred the casting stage would take longer.
  • 4 weeks in to casts & we were 50/50 whether Hugo would need to have his Tendon snipped (very minor operation... i've heard the parents cry more than the baby) Hugo fortunately did not need this done BUT may need to in the future....
  • so at 5 weeks old Hugo was in his Boots and Bar. There are a few different types most commonly the Markell & the Mitchell boots 
  •  Boots wise most of us feel the Mitchell boots and bar are far superior to the Markell shoes in the post-casting care for Talipes. The Mitchell sandal holds the foot securely and we have had only one or two babies who developed an area of irritation compared to dozens with the Markell shoes.
  • We are stuck with the Markell boots :( boohoo & they wont let us have the Mitchell boots unless Hugo is escaping almost everyday.... even though at the moment his heel is covered in sores (from the boots)
  • the first 12 weeks in boots and bar the baby stays in them for 23 hours a day.
  • after that 12 weeks it goes down to 16-14 hours a night/naps
  • we have kept to the 16ish hours as it works well for us. although i have had bad times with the boots and bar Hugo is coping & its nice for his to have his morning nap in them.
  • the baby then carries on with the boots and bar until 4 or 5 years old. 
  • but unfortunately there is no set time in some hospitals letting Children to drop them at 2 years old or 3 years old. 
  • This is not correct Ponseti... Doctor Ponseti himself has said 4 or 5 years old anytime before that & the relapse rate is much higher
  • from what i have heard from all over the world different consultants & Physios seem to all do different practices.

I started our Facebook group about 7 Months ago & we have a growing number of new members weekly. its great to feel as though in a small way i have helped. we are all in the same boat! 
Since having Hugo I have never been worried about his burping or "normal" baby things but with his feet its so different & i need Help! - if i didn't have this group i think my Physio would be well truly fed up with me. 
I have new questions all the time.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me or email me...


  1. I absolutely LOVE this blog! Your son is so cute! If you would like to donate his brace to a child in a developing country that needs clubfoot treatment check out

    1. Thank you - My hospital take back his boots & bar but I will ask what they do with them :) x



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