Wooden Toys - The Future...

so Christmas is approaching thick & fast...trying to think about presents for the small people is so difficult, I don't like just buying them toys for the sake of it, I like to think about what i know they will play with.
Hugo's Birthday is only 2 weeks after Christmas too!
My children love Cars both of them love anything with wheels on... so i found these...

 these Beautiful wooden cars & trucks.
Price range from RRP - £2.99 - £21.99
to mix in with the wheeled things this fabulous                                Car Park RRP - £45.99

& train set-RRP £13.27
 Wooden stacking Blocks - RRP £15.49
what child doesn't like a bead maze? Only £19.99

I LOVE this cake set! £25.99

Just look at ALL the Beautiful things you can find that are wooden! so this will be on both my babies Christmas & Birthday Lists for a long time I found most of these toys on wooden-toys-direct.co.uk






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  1. We ordered this with a birthday gift card my daughter received and she absolutely loves it.

    The Baby Vine



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