Toddler Talk Emilyn style

Emilyn is my eldest child she is 3years & 4 months old. Now i understand most things she says for two main reasons 1: She is my only 'talking' child & 2 : because as a parent you get used to the way your child talks.
So when she had her 2 year check up at 3 years old & they put her talking down as a 16 month old i was surprised- i had no idea what a normal 3 year old should talk like.
we got refereed to see a Speech therapist & today was the day.
It didn't go very well, she isn't talking well & we need to go to get her hearing checked.
It actually shocked me at just how bad her speech is, Bad mummy i know but if i wasn't her mummy i honestly wouldn't have a diddly squat clue what she was talking about 99% of her time.

We have got to go back to have group speech sessions & private one on one sessions.
The thing is she can easily say a,b,c,d,e,f,g ect ect ...
it when you put the letters all together she loses the sounds of them for example she can say - Mon & Key but with you putting the words together for Monkey she then says 'Kunkey'
Atleast it has been picked up on & now we can work together to get it sorted out.


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