Hugo is a 1 year old! Flash back of our Year.

Yesterday we Celebrated Hugo's first Birthday. I can't get my head around the fact that he's 1? It honestly feels like yesterday i was bringing him home from the hospital & all the emotions still seem so fresh. The normal New Mummy feeling of pure scared what if i do something wrong, Mixed with the overwhelming gush of Love for this teeny tiny Human Being that My Husband & I have to look after, mixed with his tiny feet that looked as if they would never be 'fixed'. So Where has this year gone? well quite literally i have been run ragged from him being just a few days old, i don't think a month has passed that we havent been in a hospital or at the Doctors.
It has been one of the toughest but most rewarding years of my life. watching both my little people grow & see Hugo battle & come through stronger than ever.

so lets do a quick flash Back at the past year.

Hugo a few days old

Jan 12 - Hugo was Born at 10:20pm after i was in 'Fake Labour' for over a week I demanded they break my waters as his movement had slowed down. Labour was just 2 hours 20 minutes heres my blog from it... Hugo's Birth Story.

Jan 12 - just 4 days after /i left the hospital i was back for Hugo to have his first Casts to start treatment
for his Bilateral

Brother & Sister; Hugo in his Casts

Feb 12- Every week till End of February we were back & forth to the hospital for cast changes & baths.
& then he got his Boots & Bar & even then we had a few weeks of travelling back to the Hospital to check them.

Bath time in the Hospital to remove his casts

March 12 - we are on the 6 week countdown so half way through the long 12 weeks of full time in BnB another trip to Hospital The 6 week countdown

April 12 - Aswel as hospital trips for Hugo's feet, we have now thrown his Tongue in to the mix... great! the poor boy is tongue tied Feeling tongue tied this was trips back & forth to see the Health Visitors & doctors.

Smiley face after getting his tongue cut.


May 12- wow this is crazy just how busy i have been. take a look at Such mixed emotions a post about Hugo going down to 14 hours in BnB but having to go to Hospital Royal Surrey then finally he got the treatment at St.Georges in Tooting London for His Tongue Tie.

May 12 - Hugo has a Flat head called Flat Head syndrome. I actually cancelled the appointment with the specialist because i was so over whelmed with hospital appointments... & I'm happy to say Hugo's head has evened out - or he has a lot more hair so its more unnoticeable.

June 12 - Back to Royal Surrey Hospital for Hugo's 3 monthly BnB check up Plus a extra trip back up to ask for advise as he keeps escaping HugDinini my baby Houdini & here is the catch up to the last post New boots talipes

July 12 - Hugo got his second tooth & all hell broke loose I decided this was the right time to get him on to bottles in the day time. A tooth breast to bottle I still breastfed in the nights. But i quickly realised he was getting tummy ache a lot more his eczema flamed up & he was having dirty nappies up to 20 times a day mixed with the worst nappy rash i have EVER seen! So here we are back & forth to the Doctors & Health Visitors, worked out he is Dairy Intolerant.

Aug 12- The children both had colds so we had Doctors appointments.

Sep 12 -back for our 3 monthly BnB check up at Hospital. Catch up here

Oct 12- We finally got different BnB after Hugo repeatingly escaping I had to ring again & they booked me back in...  we got new boots but what a difference the new boots made. literally changed our life.

Nov 12- This was a funny Month I quick Doctors appointment before we jetted off on Holiday (Of which i have been terrible & not blogged about) Hugo's nappy rash flared up & he had a viral skin infection which made a rash cover his body but some cream sorted it out. we then had 8 days in Marbella was an amazing holiday as i used to live there so was wonderful to go back & show my family around. 20 facts about me;    We also unfortunately Lost my Grandad this month To celebrate life

Fuengirola Beach in Costa Del Sol

Fuengirola Beach 

Fuengirola Beach

In the Pool in Marbella

Family photo in Marbella

Me on the beach

Hugo & Emilyn in Marbella

Dec 12 - we all got horrendously poorly with the babies with chest infections & me with Pneumonia so this was 2 weeks of back & fourth to Doctors.

Jan 13 - Hugo is 1 & we are back to Hospital for Hugo's BnB check up on the 10th Jan.

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