Slugs & Snails BOYS TIGHTS

Slugs & Snails 
& Puppy dog tails ... 
Boys Tights!!
There seems to be a lot of mixed views about Boys in tights. I can kind of understand it but c'mon we are in the year 2013.
They look amazing & so comfy.
I just had to get Hugo a pair.

Why Boys Tights?

In the words of Slugs & Snails...

"Why our tights are perfect for your little man …

Boys, by nature, are busy, bold and robust and that’s just how we want them to stay.
 Unlike jeans and trousers our tights allow your child the freedom to bend and
 move freely and in a way that conventional leg wear just doesn’t allow.
 They feel good too, which means that your little boy can enjoy all the
 thrills of being a kid unrestricted – isn’t that the best way?
Being the proud owners of a little boy we remember (not too fondly)
how many times we searched for that lost sock which vanished
half way around the supermarket, or how as we managed to
put one sock on the other was in the process of being pulled off.
What about the cold legs? When you carry a little person their
trousers end up somewhere behind their knee making for
very cold little legs. Slugs & Snails tights eliminate all these
 problems which make warm, happy people.
Slugs & Snails tights are more than just tights.
 Our designs (unlike girl’s tights) don’t stop
 at the knee, which means that they
can be worn with or without trousers.
 Each pair comes with our unique Slugs & Snails©
leaf logo and anti-slip soles to give grip to busy little feet.

  • No more lost or odd socks.
  • Warm legs and snugly toes.
  • Soft breathable combed cotton.
  • Flexible yarn allowing room for nappies 
    and chubby legs
  • Soft non-slip text on the soles, ideal for 
    wooden or ceramic floors. (Now PVC free!)
  • Funky designs loved by little ones.
  • The perfect potty training emergency outfit,
     just pop a pair in your bag and you have
     trousers and socks ready to wear with minimal fuss.
  • Beautiful packaging ideal for gifts and baby showers.
  • Make baby wearing even more cosy by protecting
     those little exposed legs.
All our tights are 80% Cotton (17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane – the stretchy thingies)
 and made by our lovely manufacturers in Turkey and Europe. No Slugs or Snails 
are harmed in the making of our products."

It definitely won me over! i ordered the 'spooked' pair with little 'Packman type things on' 
I totally need to buy more, Hugo LOVES them too.
RRP- From €12.99
click Here  to buy some

*Disclaimer I myself bought the tights this is not a review 


  1. Ahhh so cute and really practical! Might have to get some for Benny!

    1. You so must! I think they are amazing & the compliments from other mums is fab! I need to buy more :) x



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