uh oh Hugo's Feet update they are Over-Corrected

Today 10th January was Hugo Check up to see how his feet are doing... I was terrified to say the least. 

If you are following my Blog i posted Here about some of my worries. If you're not following my Blog...perhaps you should start?

We started today badly enough as Hugo decided that my iPhone deserved to go into my mug of coffee... so here i am with no phone. Humph.
But if i'm honest I can't be too annoyed as Today is Hugo's check up & in the pit of my stomach i am expecting some 'bad news' i don't know why i am 'am'.
Before i start though we have Exciting news! Hugo learnt to Climb all the way up to the top of the stairs whilst wearing his BnB *I had caught it on my phone but whilst it's in a bag on Rice of the radiator i won't be showing you the beautiful photos of his proud face making it to the top!

Hugo has started to walk whilst holding on to his V-tech walker; fabulous i should be saying & proud i was. However he looked SO uncomfortable walking. Like his legs were pretend 'robot' like. 
I shared my concerns with my Physio's & they got the walker out of the corner so i could show them exactly what i meant. 
I am in Limbo - that stage that we just don't know what the future will hold.

My Physio had a good look at Hugo's feet, Legs & Hips.
His right hip isn't normal & his bending outwards quite a bit... so thats making his leg bend outwards & then his foot even more so than his Left foot.
They are still talking about doing a operation on his tendons but they seemed more concerned about how far out his feet are, & need to see how his feet are once he is fully walking unaided.
You know when you have a 'bad feeling' I just had a terrible feeling about todays appointment. 
The Physio readjusted his right boot so its now 50degrees rather than 60degrees. I need to also cut his time in his BnB down to 12 hours & see if this helps. 
If not they may need to re cast & re position ?
Although i am unsure. I have left the hospital feeling very lost.
Its so frustrating we have pretty much had a 'TextBook' Talipes case up until now.
This has just knocked me for six.
The shock on their faces said it all, when they saw how outwards his feet are. 
Oh & them saying 'i must admit this is quite a severe case'
His feet seem to of 'Over-Corrected' & i don't think thats a good thing.
Hugo himself was fantastic & let the Physio's bend him & poke him he just laid there so that was fantastic.
He had the All clear from his Hip Scan so he doesn't have 'clicky hips'
I just hope he gets it fixed... if you understand what i mean? I wouldn't want him to start preschool 'walking strangely' or 'walking funny' children can be mean & anything different a child can easily point out & then TADA he's bullied for his 'odd walking & funny feet'
perhaps i am over thinking it? but i'm his Mum & all i want is the best for my Boy.
we have our next appointment booked for April unless i feel the need to see them sooner.
Hugo's feet 

Hugo's feet 

The creases on his foot are from when his feet where all curled up

a perfect Talipes Foot

Hugo's feet 

He looks like a little Ballet Dancer - Baby with Talipes

Happy Hugo 

Bilateral Talipes - Fixed.


  1. hi Bex, I highly recommend you visit the Vivobarefoot Training Clinic and talk to Lee Saxby Or Ben Le Vesconte (my hubby). They have had several success stories where doctors and physios have made poor decisions when dealing with developing feet.http://trainingclinic.vivobarefoot.com/ ignore the running bit,that is their main focus, but email and ask to book an appointment with Lee or Ben. I will tell them to look out for your inquiry.
    Hope Hugo is doing well!
    x Danae

  2. sorry- not to say that your doctors or physio are wrong, but its nice to have a few opinions when possible! x



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