5 simple steps to Make your own wand

You need 5 main things - a straw. a piece of card (Can be shiny) Gems, Glue/Cellotape & Tinsel pipe cleaners.

  1. Cut the Card into a star.
  2. Cellotape the straw & the Star together 
  3. Decorate the star with Gems, Glitter Glue, 
  4. Curl your pipe cleaner around the straw.
  5. TA DA You are now a Princess with hours of entertainment!

Fun for both GIRLS & BOYS!
Emilyn kept turning me in to a frog!
Hugo Loved it too & Kept pretending to turn Emilyn in to things.

Alternatively you can buy
Make your own wand kits... from as little as £1!

YellowMoon  - £2.99 pack of 4
Wilkinsons - £1
Amazon - £2.84 Tiara & wand

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