a child's drawing speaks....

... a Thousand words.

To a normal person this is just a 'Person' drawn by a child...
It could even be a 'clown' or a 'monster,' 'zombie,' 'Animal' you get the gist of it.. Its art.

To me I know exactly what it is. How do I know?  As my 3 year old drew him.
This is my Son Hugo. Emilyn has been teaching him to walk recently, Its very cute & i was actually amazed at how well she was holding his hands & getting him to walk. As you are probably aware Hugo has Talipes so the day he walks on his own will be a massive achievement.
Going back to the drawing. This is Hugo & she has drawn him walking! She was very proud that he was walking holding her hands too!

The best thing about a child's drawing is you NEVER know what they are thinking.
this drawing could of been a Unicorn! I find that even more magical...
I asked her what she had drawn expecting her to say Daddy or Mummy... but she happily surprised me by saying "its Hugo mummy & he's walking like he did when he held my hands"
Emilyn had put a lot of thought in to this drawing.
I could tell with the beaming smile on her face.
This is also the first ever drawing Emilyn has done of Hugo. such a precious moment.

I could go off on a Rambling spree but I wont bore you.

What have you're little people drawn recently thats surprised you?

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