a Toddler with Talipes

As you may be aware Hugo was born with Bilateral Talipes, 
well he is almost 14 months old now & we are getting on very well with his boots & bar 6pm - 6am this works perfectly for us (they should wear the bnb for 12-16 hours) as Hugo is Hypermobile & his feet Over corrected so quickly we have been told to wear them for 12 hours. 
at his last appointment the Physio's were worried about Hugo's lack of ability to stand, His ankles seem very weak. 
I have been trying my hardest to help him strengthen them, Emilyn is also very good now & pulling him up & him walking round whilst holding her hands.

We had a break through this weekend (23/02/13) Hugo was able to stand for a few seconds. 
This may seem like nothing for you. But its Huge for us, Just as it was Huge when Hugo crawled & pulled him self up using the sofa.

These to me are giant milestones. Hugo thought it was hilarious & kept saying "again, again" 

I know on average a baby can walk from 9months - 18months. I would be lying to say i'm 100% not worried Hugo isn't walking yet. But Hey perhaps he is just a lazy late walker put the Talipes to the side... 
I also know he will get there, he will walk one day. 
I can't rush him.
& its a huge improvement that he can bare weight on his legs.

Hugo laughing whilst trying to stand unaided

Perhaps the next time I Update on Hugo he might be walking?
I'm happy he is showing progress.


  1. If it helps a little, my daughter showed NO interest in walking until she was 14 months old and then she literally stood up, walked into the kitchen, and that was that. I think kids just get there when they get there, irrespective of whether or not they have health concerns. He'll do it when you least expect it, I'm sure! :)



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