A Vomiting Child...

It's 12:30am on Sunday 24th February
I am dealing with my first ever full on toddler Vomiting Bug it's Horrific.
I find sick bugs the worst & I'm a grown up watching my 3 year old daughter vomiting is awful.
It started at 10 & since then it's been fierce. Every 10 or so minutes Emilyn asks for her drink instead of actually wanting her drink its a sign she will be vomiting within the next few moments...Que. me getting the bucket ready!!! Obviously I wasn't so prepared at 10pm when she woke up asking for me & proceeding to vomit all over the carpet & then all over the bathroom floor. ^%#%**

It's now 1am
I now have two sickly babies on my lap ; as I was typing this - I am on my iPhone I heard Hugo gagging then Vomiting too - I ran upstairs to find him covered in vomit, Remind me again why I washed all the beds & his cot bumper today... It's all back in the wash. I burst in to tears well of course I did. I am exhausted & seeing my little people like this is the hardest thing. I wish I could take it all away...
For Hugo he fights it as he's just 13months he hasn't a diddly clue what's going on pushing the bowl away screaming ...
Emilyn still cries but can handle it better I tied her hair up so it doesn't get covered in sick ...
I hate Vomiting Bugs. Don't you think my children have been poorly enough recently? Seriously !!
We are all cuddled on the sofa with the log burner on & at the moment they both seem to be asleep but for how long? Emilyns been vomiting in her sleep. Urgh awful poor thing has no idea what's happening.
I am very proud that she's telling me she needs the bucket now though,
Even though she's being sick she's still being very polite, constantly thanking me for looking after her. Constantly saying sorry for being sick, she keeps asking if she's all done now & she wants the sick to go away. Honestly bless her far too cute,

She keeps telling me how when she'll go to school she will tell all her teachers & friends about her being sick very dramatic I must say she seems very proud of her sickness, I think she's fed up with it now though. This was what she thought after the second time I think we are on 10+ times now... No understatement,

Well happy Sunday... Today we had planned to take Emilyn to the cinema for the first time I doubt we will be going ahead with this now.

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