Baking & D.I.Y Cake Stand

We have spent the day baking Simple Fairy Cakes & a double layer butter cream cake. YUM
Emilyn wearing her Cath Kidston Baking set.

Have i ever mentioned just how much I love baking? Its Ironic because i don't really enjoy cooking dinner. I can cook & dinner is always VERY YUMMY! But i actually enjoy baking cakes & we are usually baking at least once a week.
after a tough few days of lack of sleep i decided we needed some cheering up & some Cake eating time.
so here we are...
Emilyn is now almost 3 & a half years old. this is the first 'proper' time she has pretty much made her own cakes & i got to admit i'm pretty proud. They also taste amazing.

Emilyn putting her 'red' mix into her fairy cases.

Eating the left over mix... obviously the BEST bit!

Decorating her cakes.

More decorating.

We own a few Cake Stands... they are pretty 'standard' so i thought i would dig out some pretty plates & a tea cup & a tiny Sherry glass... PERFECT!! i Think it looks quite cute.

We've very much enjoyed baking today... we enjoyed eating them a little bit more :) 
I Love a good family day.


  1. What a fab idea!! I have a mini spa party at home tomorrow and was stressing about how to display the cakes and biscuits nicely! Now I know what to do for a quick fix!

    1. It's so great isn't it! have a lovely day tomorrow glad i've given some inspiration :) x



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