Bare with me whilst i go feed The UNICORN

She's been 'Neighing' for ages.
Sleep Deprived? YES
Need cheering up? YES
Want an undisturbed full nights sleep? YES

Perhaps You'd like to borrow my Unicorn? she's Brilliant you know. Very well behaved if she's fed on time each morning. Brightens up your day in a flash.
She's very cheap.. free in fact,
Yes ok i know she's in my imagination.
but just for one moment did you think she was real? I love to think we have Unicorns. Well we do. A pretend one.
It was in fact a lovely Twitter Mummy that cheered me up & introduced me to my Unicorn. I have no idea how she knew i loved them but all the same its become a lovely conversation & brightens my day up within a flash. so Thank you Lovely Mummy :)

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble, 

I would quite like to meet the people who read my blog... what attracts you to reading my nonsense? although i have to admit i would read my blog if i didn't write it. It makes me feel a heck of a lot better writing/typing all my nutty thoughts down. 

I have not slept for about 8 days i think. its blurring together. as you may be aware Hugo was in Hospital over the weekend so that in itself was tiring,
I've now got Emilyn poorly too. its the hardest thing they have different illnesses Emilyn has a sickness Bug whereas Hugo is all chesty with the Respiratory viral infection still struggling along with it.
I love my Husband to bits & i know he needs his sleep for work the next day so i NEVER normally moan at him but its grinding me down slowly. 
Last week he had a night away in London he watched the Brazil V England Football match, This is fine its great for him to have a boys night. just co-insided Hugo being really Poorly & i was up all night & So was Emilyn as she was panicked over Hugo being awake & crying... i ended up them both being in my room. A brief catch up here.
Then Husband is doing a lot of late shifts at work so he gets home & the babies are asleep. most evenings he gets home & i have one or the other baby in our bed. 
I can cope a few nights awake. But my glands are up & my M.E is showing signs of rearing its ugly head. *Sigh* Catch up here my M.E story, I don't tend to talk about it... I try to pretend its not there. So much Drama...! 
I think Last night was the worst night so far. Emilyn didn't get to sleep till late after going to bed at 5:30 waking up at 6:30 vomiting. The JOYS!
The night seemed to then take it in turns with each baby waking up hourly... one baby in my bed then one baby out the next baby in. wow i do not know how people manage with more than 2 babies. 
We do have the BnB to contend with i have almost got used to co-sleeping with a Talipes baby.

SO my plan for today is to do NOTHING. zilch. Zero. Nothing! *I am still looking after the babies & the unicorn of course. we are all snuggled on the sofa in our blankets watching a film.
Fingers Crossed that the babies are better soon. Or i will be a zombie mum! 

Our Unicorn 

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