Blue laid her First EGG

You read correctly! Did you know we had Chickens? Take a look here!
After a long wait we have finally got an egg!
She laid her first egg on Sunday 24th Feb & she laid another today!
Emilyn is SO Happy about this SO happy in fact that she pleaded to have one for her dinner tonight.
She was a little confused that the egg didn't have a chick in though.
Clever little thing. I had to explain that Blue & Ginger wont make eggs with chicks in.
She wanted Hugo to have the Chick... maybe one day we will get a cockerel but just know we are happy with our two little Chickens.
Little blue egg with our Other eggs

Boiling our first egg

It was the Yummiest Egg i've ever had. 

Emilyn enjoyed it too! 

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