Boys Toddler Bedding

Wow I am either crazily fussy or there is a lacking of NICE boys bedding?
I remember this whilst searching for nursery bedding. brain numbing
I have spent days searching the internet to try & find nice duvet sets.
Hugo is still in his cot & i plan to keep him in there for as long as i can- once he has outgrown his cot he will go into the cot - bed that is being stored away.
He keeps waking at night & i now think its because he is cold, he sleeps with a lovely warm sleeping bag but thats all.
I will give him Emilyn's toddler duvet set & buy Emilyn a new single duvet I've found a beautiful NEXT cover for her its white with flowers on. simple.

Searching for Boys bedding is a whole different story.
I don't want the 'typical boys bedding' Do not get me started on angry birds...
Trains, Cars, Aeroplanes, & any other Boy bedding. no thank you.

I am a new Pinterest Addict. So i keep finding Beautiful bedding on there my most favourite to date is this Houndstooth Duvet/Quilt... But this looks like i need to make it myself? I'm not the best with fabrics although my sister is ...

This is quite cute.

i also love chevrons at the moment this grey & orange is lovely! 

I think i will have to keep it pretty simple. I also realised i have a new love for grey!...

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