Chicken Pox Party

Chicken Pox parties? For or Against them?
I for one am all for them.
There has been an outburst at Pre-school over the last few weeks; most children that hadn't had it now has or is going through the pox stage now.
Emilyn fortunately had Chicken Pox at 9 months old
Emilyn with Chicken Pox
I have been trying to get Hugo to get Chicken Pox for the last few months but whilst i was breastfeeding i presume i was keeping him immune from it.
We had been surrounded by Chicken pox children over the last few weeks but still nothing.

Well yesterday i was invited to a Chicken Pox party, I say party it was more a play date & a lovely day.
The older Girls (they are the same age & go to preschool together) made faircakes They were amazing! very tasty! & the boys (who are the same age) played & shared their germs. The little boy had the Pox just coming out as his older sister just had it too.

So i may come across mean by wanting Hugo to get Chicken Pox but i honestly think this age is the best age to get it, they aren't fully aware with whats going on. they wont scratch like they may if they were 3years or older... I had chicken pox as a 7 year old & i remember how awful it was, I still have scars from itching them. My own Mother had Chicken pox then & she was bed bound with it.
In my eyes - fingers crossed i start seeing some Spots on him soon.
I do dread him getting spotty feet though; could you imagine me trying to get his boots & bar on with spotty feet?

What are your thoughts? Would you take your child to a Chicken Pox party? 

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