D.I.Y Toadstools

I think its time I share with you just how easy it is; although time consuming to make these Fabulous Toadstools.
I got the idea from the lovely lady over on Mum of all trades blogspot.
 I love strange things, things that stand out & I was preparing for Emilyn's 3 rd birthday & Hugo's Baptism Party so these fitted in perfectly!

My days for weeks before the party looked a little like this...
Lots of PVA glue Lots of old newspapers & large mixing bowls.

  1. I started off covering the bowl with cling film but ended up using Vaseline instead as it worked out just as good. I forgot how much fun Papier-mâché was! & therapeutic.  I think i done about 15 layers of newspaper on each toadstool the sturdier the better.
  2. Next i got a few standard bits of wood & painted them white I actually used Dulux wall paint (longer lasting)
  3. I was doing 3 or 4 toadstools at a time in the sun shine they were drying quite quickly. so once i had done 1 layer i would do the next one & so forth.
  4. once i had completed 15 layers i painted the white spots first i drew round a cello-tape so it was a nice even circle & then painted the red around...(I did paint a few red all over & then white on top but the red kept seeping through)
  5. once dry i used a very large building nail & hammered the wood to my Papier-mâché toadstool top.
  6. I then covered the toadstools in PVA glue.
  7. TA-DA the toad stool is born! 

Emilyn & Hugo in their magic garden.

* I made my Papier-mâché Toadstools in September 2012 believe it or not but they are STILL standing in my woods. I will get a photo tomorrow & put it up. 


  1. Ah yours turned out lovely. Great idea to use bowls instead of balloons! Emilyn and Hugo look delighted with their magic garden, they are both so sweet x

    1. i tried the balloons first but the sun made then pop! Then ran out of balloons so i hoped the bowls would work out ok :)
      thank you :) xx



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