D.I.Y Toadstools

I think its time I share with you just how easy it is; although time consuming to make these Fabulous Toadstools.
I got the idea from the lovely lady over on Mum of all trades blogspot.
 I love strange things, things that stand out & I was preparing for Emilyn's 3 rd birthday & Hugo's Baptism Party so these fitted in perfectly!

My days for weeks before the party looked a little like this...
Lots of PVA glue Lots of old newspapers & large mixing bowls.

  1. I started off covering the bowl with cling film but ended up using Vaseline instead as it worked out just as good. I forgot how much fun Papier-mâché was! & therapeutic.  I think i done about 15 layers of newspaper on each toadstool the sturdier the better.
  2. Next i got a few standard bits of wood & painted them white I actually used Dulux wall paint (longer lasting)
  3. I was doing 3 or 4 toadstools at a time in the sun shine they were drying quite quickly. so once i had done 1 layer i would do the next one & so forth.
  4. once i had completed 15 layers i painted the white spots first i drew round a cello-tape so it was a nice even circle & then painted the red around...(I did paint a few red all over & then white on top but the red kept seeping through)
  5. once dry i used a very large building nail & hammered the wood to my Papier-mâché toadstool top.
  6. I then covered the toadstools in PVA glue.
  7. TA-DA the toad stool is born! 

Emilyn & Hugo in their magic garden.

* I made my Papier-mâché Toadstools in September 2012 believe it or not but they are STILL standing in my woods. I will get a photo tomorrow & put it up. 


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