Home Made Mother's Day Cards

With Mother's day coming up quickly. we have been Busy painting & making Cards.
Hugo has never used paint before so today (26/02/13) 13 months old was his first time.
He tried to eat it at first but found it tasted disgusting *He screamed & stuck his tongue out*
So he didn't try eating it again.

Concentrating with his art work
Busy painting.

I am a big D.I.Y card maker with the babies I think it adds that extra personal touch. The babies really enjoy painting & it gives us a excuse to get messy & have some fun whilst being creative.

I bought eyes to stick on Hugo's & Emilyn's paintings to bring them to life. The big yellow splodge turned into a Chick. & the Red splodge turned into lady birds.

Emilyn done some finger painting to make a flower & hand painting to make more lady birds.

We painted on the floor with newspaper stuck down used paper plates for the paints easy clean up after.

I love this one Emilyn done all by her self (I put the eyes on) she said she painted a scarecrow But i think it looks more like a funky looking Bird? Its pretty fab either way.
Scarecrow or a brilliant bird?

Hugo busy painting his Chick.

This painting got turned into a Ladybird

He really enjoyed painting
Emilyn working on her cards
The cards Hugo made
The cards Emilyn made

So Simple yet so effective why don't you give a paintbrush to your little people & see what creations they make?

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