"Dozens of abortions carried out on foetuses with minor imperfections such as cleft lip or club foot" Says Daily Mail 

  • New research finds 157 foetuses aborted in three years for cleft lip
  • Further 205 aborted for club foot according to European monitoring group
  • But only fraction of these show up on official records
  • Department of Health admit there may be 'discrepancies' in their figures

You can read the whole Article HERE

Now as you can imagine this article by the Daily Mail has caused Rife in our Happy Feet Talipes Support group (I created) 
After reading the article i am in SHOCK by this...
Does this not tell you that MORE needs to be done to make more people aware of ClubFoot (Talipes) 
I want to say "So what gives a parent the right to abort a baby from 20 weeks gestation JUST because it has Talipes or a cleft pallet?" I suppose i shouldn't ask this question because its still legal am i right in saying you can terminate up until 24 weeks pregnant? BUT how can you do this when at 24 weeks pregnant if you have the baby due to early labour the baby has chances of survival? It just all seems totally wrong!!

Then on Daybreak this morning they were also talking about it..  This is what a Mum & close friend of mine had to say as she was in shock...
"On Day Break this Morning they were just talking about Mums who are abortions because there baby has Club foot or Clef pallet, it makes you think if corrective treatment such as Ponseti treatment was more known and understood , would they still make the same decision ? , for me this was never an option, but i do understand everybody's situations are different"

The Replies were like this...

  • Mum1 -  why would you do that? my baby is perfect!!!!!

  • Mum 2 - What's more disturbing is that these terminations would have been carried out post 20 weeks 

  • Mum 3- I agree, I didnt think that was allowed unless the baby had serious health issues. And neither cleft or club feet are serious enough to warrant it. So sad x

  • Mum 4 -Oh C I know - I'm pro choice but I really cannot understand the UK laws which allow terminations up to 24 weeks. (Anyway, not the place for an abortion conversation but I really do find it insane)  - my baby is perfect too - that's what is so upsetting about it. It's such a minor issue (as is cleft palate). when you think of all the people who can't have children. It's so upsetting
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  • Mum 5- I'm so glad I never knew what was wrong with our little 'T' and in all fairness to be given the gift of life was 2 of the most wonderful days in my life. Yeah one needs a little more attention and love but I'd never get rid of them because of what they have
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  • Mum 5 - Oh just to add 'T' has a cleft and club foot 
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  • Mum 6 - I am pro choice too but it does make me sad that people would choose to terminate because of these things. Which are relatively easy to treat and so late in the pregnancy too. They are missing out on such special little bambinos.x
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  • Mum 7 -  It's mind boggling that this would be a reason for termination, yeah it's hard going some times but not hard enough to not go through. But that's maybe easier to say being this side of things x
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  • Mum 8 -  So sad :,-( can't bring myself to read the article.
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  • Mum 9 -
     I think this is terrible but we were told our baby could be born with life limiting conditions because the specialist sonographer saw what he thought was 3 separate markers. We were offered an amnio and advised to be quick. I was terrified I didn't want a baby that wasn't 'perfect' in every way but I wouldn't have aborted on talipes alone but I wonder what some of those families feared could be wrong too. X
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  • Mum 10 -
     Absolutely disgusting made me feel sick to the bottom of my stomach - & I stupidly read a few comments by people wish I hadn't there is some really stupid idiots out there... x

As you are aware if you read my Blog we had a difficult time whilst pregnant with Hugo with us having a scare that he had 'Edward's syndrome' or 'Downs' catch up Here  if you want to read it all...

I can understand how scary it is finding out you haven't got a 'perfect' baby... I really can RELATE but it is just Talipes & its treatable... relatively simply too. they shouldn't need any major operations & they should be like any other child the boots & bar only stays on till he is 5 years old & just at night times.

Looking at my son playing this morning I couldn't bare to think i had terminated him JUST BECAUSE he has funny feet... 

I thought we had moved on from....this craziness - read my post here about the horrid man Peter Singer who's views were simply Terminate any child who wasn't 'perfect'. BRILLIANT! what a IDIOT! 

Club foot is one of the most common congenital abnormalities, affecting one in every 1,000 babies born in the UK. 

that in my eyes is quite a few babies... 

I think if more people were aware & had Talipes brought to attention if they had more information & saw MORE babies with Talipes if they could see them progress from Curly feet...casting stage..23hours full time bnb stage for 12 weeks & then 14 ish hours BnB night & naps only... PERHAPS just perhaps more people wouldn't terminate. Maybe they would realise its not the end of the world. 

My son Hugo honestly couldn't be happier. Every one comments on how chilled out & happy he is. He is crawling & walking with his walker hes almost 13 months & his feet are THE MOST amazing things in the world. 

I have read comments like "So what, who wants a broken baby? - T," Oh T whoever you are you really sound like a guy with VERY LITTLE Knowledge of the world. i truly hope you haven't reproduced & hope you never do. What a Awful attitude. 

This did make me smile that others thought the same as me though 

"So what, who wants a broken baby? - T, Manchester, United Kingdom, 03/2/2013 16:17 your lucky T your parents did not abort you with your broken brain..."

OK so how do you educate people more? Believe me i am trying to get the word out there... 

Hugo 4D scan you can see his curled in foot at 22 weeks ....

Hugo 3 days old before treatment 
Hugo 3 days old before treatment with his big sister.
Hugo 2 days old before treatment 
Casting stage Talipes.
Hugo 11 months old wearing his BnB to bed

Hugo on Christmas Day 11 months old.

Hugo 12 months old. Can you tell he wears BnB at night time???


  1. when i was 10 weeks my my daughter had an increased nucal fold and i was told it was 80% turners syndrome and to abort before being offered any testing, i decided to have a cvs and me and husband decided no matter what our baby would have the same chance. after months of testing my daughter was born healthy, however she has a genetic gap same as her father and has many respiratory issues plus others, i agree with pro.choice but abortion from 12 weeks when the baby is formed i think should.purely be on severe medical grounds only i.e. baby would not survive birth

    1. Hi Samantha wow you've been through a roller coaster ride...
      I agree & i also agree that each mother has their own lives what would seem big to others may not for some others... I for one think its absolutely crazy people are aborting for such minor issues. I understand if other markers are found but i personally like you would of still given my child a chance. like when they said he may have edwards syndrome i would of carried it through Holding on to that chance he would be born healthy. its lovely to hear other peoples stories. Thank you x

  2. There's no such thing as "pro-choice, but..." - you're either pro-choice, or you're not. When you add a "but" clause, you're removing choice.

    I didn't even have a lot of the tests that detect abnormalities etc when pregnant because I knew that whatever happened I would want to try. However, I can only live MY life, and unless you live or have lived in someone else's shoes it's impossible to know the whys and what-fors of why they choose to go the route they do.

    As you say, your son is healthy and happy and that's great - so concentrate on that and not what other people are doing.

  3. I don't know how to respond to this post, I simply couldn't have aborted my baby whatever was said. My boys are just that, my (beautiful, happy, healthy, annoying, grey hair inducing) boys xx



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