Mr Valentine

Valentines Day for the Children?
I know what you may be thinking... i'm Mad?
Valentines Day is for adults? Married couples? New couples? Young crazy in love couples?
I used to do Valentines Day with the Husband, For me though its always been VERY OTT the shops are cashing in on people being in love. Besides for me & Mic its our Wedding anniversary next month & i'd much rather celebrate another happy year of marriage.

SO Who is Mr Valentine? Have you really never heard of him?... Shame on you.
Its a good job i'm going to let you in to my knowledge then.
I grew up with Valentines Day being Just being about My sisters & I. V day (yes its hard work always typing Valentines so if had to shorten it...+ i'm typing one handed as I've got a poorly sleeping Hugo in my arms.)
I think its so lovely to involve the children so I've been doing Mr Valentine for the last few years for my own children.
Let me explain him to you... Mr Valentine is a Man the same kind of Myth as the tooth fairy, the easter bunny & father christmas if you'd like.
When i was a child I was told Mr Valentine runs very quick to each household knocks on the doors & leaves presents. we would probably have about 10 small gifts each but we would only get one gift at each knock on the door. it still Baffles my brain how my mum done it when i was little. I thought she was ALWAYS in the Kitchen, I suppose that adds to the mystery of it.
Emilyn had her first year of really Understanding Mr Valentine last year. She was a bit wary to start with & wanted Daddy to get the presents from the door step, but she soon was very excited every time the front door was knocked on & kept Thanking Mr Valentine.

This is Emilyn last year. very excited with her presents from Mr Valentine.

As a child I would try to explain to my friends about Mr Valentine & they just didn't have a clue.
My cousins in Norfolk also had Mr Valentine come to them... so this was always nice to see them in the half term and ask them 'What did Mr Valentine bring you?' As it was just the cousins & my sisters who i could share my excitement for Mr valentine I thought the tradition was from Norfolk. I also thought Mr Valentine travelled 4 hours from Norfolk to drop our presents off. Quite sweet really.
It's also VERY interesting what we all think Mr Valentine looks like... My sister & I had this conversation last week. I oddly think of him as a man dressed in black (to blend in with the darkness) with a top hat on like a spy. where as my sister thinks of him as a little elf *emphasis on his elf ears*

quite creepy really....

So my question to you all is: Have you heard of Mr Valentine?
Do you do Mr Valentine for you're children?
Perhaps you'll start now?

It doesn't need to be expensive either... This year I'm doing home made heart biscuits, a few cheapish toys... a few toy cars. a shopping basket & bubble bath type things. the excitement on their faces is the best bit.

Happy Valentines Day *for Tomorrow


  1. I love this!!, I can;t believe no one else has ever heard of Mr Valentines!! I used to love it!! My dad used to say that once he saw Mr Valentines down the road when we lived at Walcott when he was buying some milk from the local shop! Ofcourse I believed him :P xxx

    1. This made me SMILE! i think mum told me once that she saw him running away when we opened the door. i'm super excited for tomorrow eeeeeee!!! xxx



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