We Love our Munchkin Cup

I have been given the chance to review this fabulous 9 ounce click lock Insulated sippy cup.
The company must of heard how much bad luck Hugo seems to have with beakers as they generously contacted me to see if I would like one to try. 
It turned up yesterday in great packaging; the way you can actually touch the bottle before you buy I think is a good seller.
Hugo took to it straight away the boy drinks like an Elephant, 
He is terrible for letting them leak all over the floor, bed, sofa... ect ect.
Well with this Munckin cup it doesn't leak! 
I am also very taken to the name Munchkin it just sounds so incredibly CUTE!

Enjoying his drink.

  • You can buy them from most Supermarkets or online, In a variety of colours.
  • I love the style & colours of them.
  • They look & feel sturdy Hugo has already thrown it on to our stone floor (those of you who come to see us a lot will know just how many cups Hugo has broken doing this) well not even a scratch to the cup.
  • They are Insulated - Perfect for warm summer days (I wanted to type hot but Hey we live in England) 
  • Also perfect for keeping warm milk warm *If you wish to put milk in the cup.

very proud of his new cup.

RRP seems to be from £4 - £8 depending where you buy it from Very reasonable for a great cup.
Where to buy - Here is a few useful sites:

Jojo Maman Bebe

Follow Munchkin on Twitter Here
& They are on Facebook too Here

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