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As you are probably aware we are building a house... If you are new to my blog; the update is Here & Here
Well before we got our planning application approved we decided to put our names down for a new housing complex a few miles down the road from us. This week we got an invitation through the door & we thought we would go just to be nosey if nothing else. I also Loved the room styles so has given me plenty to think about, they have mixed Shabby Chic & Contemporary Modern so beautifully.
I honestly could of moved in yesterday!

Emilyn Loved this bedroom. I loved the DREAM Light.

I LOVED this bedroom Its beautiful.

Open plan layout Very similar to how our's will be.

another beautiful room.

they even made a box room look lovely.

another room i could happily move into.

Hugo & I testing out the sofa - Please note it wasn't comfy !


LOVE the drawers ideal for Emilyns room.

Lovely dining area.

Emilyn playing in a boys room with woody.

I love the light over the sofa.

SO many beautiful bedrooms.

Love the curtains.

good space of kitchen & ours will be bigger! Impressed.

beautiful children's room.

I'm sorry the photos are so mixed with kitchens, bedrooms, lounge, bedrooms ect... 
I never thought interior design would be so difficult! I am really struggling I Love way too many different types of style. i want a house that i'm 'wowed' at & a bedroom thats as nice as a £150 a night boutique hotel room.

I will get there & i will take you all on my travel to find the perfect interior.

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