Through the eyes of a toddler? Glasses?

Who may need glasses?

Today we had our Routine Check up on Emilyn's eyes... so I wasn't worried.
I should add that Emilyn gets her eyes checked as her Daddy was born with a squint & a few members of the family had noticed it with Emilyn, her daddies eye was fixed with a operation. so as its in her family history they thought it was best to keep an eye on it.

I had a super horrible night with Hugo as he's poorly & refused to sleep anywhere other than my chest...I'm am totally exhausted you know when your whole body aches, Its staining my eyes typing this. But i know i'll kick myself if i don't write it down we seem to have another long road ahead of us.
Something i am in total shock about & totally unprepared for.
I KNOW things can be much worse & i am grateful for the two children i have all happy & healthy, I am however freaking out at how my life is getting over run by Doctor & hospital appointments.

I'll take a few minutes to explain this morning...

We arrived at the hospital on time ! good work! we waited for around 15 minutes & got greeted by the lovely lady Doctor we saw last year, Emilyn sat on my lap & the Doctor done a few tests Emilyn was perfect at them..

Until Emilyn had to put the glasses on, you know the type with one side black & the other side clear so she could only see through her right eye... she was quite good nothing too scary she got most of the letters correct.
Then she had to do the same with her Left eye & there we had a problem she just couldn't see? I can't imagine she would get it wrong on purpose she was genuinely struggling & getting quite annoyed in the process.

The Doctor showed concern & so we are now booked in to see a specialist,
I don't really know what will happen next though...
I know its not the end of the world if she needs glasses I would just prefer it if she didn't need them obviously.



  1. oh i really get where your coming from in the post, from harry being born hes been prodded and poked about with his eyes by the drs and specialist, numerous appointments and finally last year we got a name for what is wrong with his eyes. We went from not knowing if he could see at all, to now him having good eye sight, he will however need a oprotation when hes in his teens to correct the lids. You will more than likely have a few hospital appointments where they put the drops in to do tests on long/short sightedness, then to see if/what stength of glasses your lovely little girl may or may not need. I hope it all goes well for you x

    1. Thank you honey. it was so hard to watch her trying her hardest to match the letters with her left eye. We have been given drops to put in her eye before the next appointment i'll keep you updated x

  2. I'm so behind with reading my blogs, that I've only just seen this! I know how you feel. My 4 year old wears glasses for an astigmatism and has 3 monthly check ups. With everything else we have going on with him, it just feels like one appointment after the other for him! x

    1. oh i know Jackie i am slacking at the reading of blogs at the moment. thank you i will keep you updated. & will come to you for any advice :) xxx



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