Your Views on Co-Sleeping is it Like Marmite??

Co-Sleeping with Emilyn 
So this is my Issue Hugo has been poorly for about 2 weeks he's refusing to nap in his cot, he's refusing to sleep in his cot. I really DO NOT enjoy co-sleeping with him;
Yes shoot me now, I'm a terrible terrible Mother. He wears boots an a metal bar to bed every night he has Bilateral Talipes, as a baby he didn't need me as a comfort to go to sleep, I'm totally not used to it.
Yes in a IDEAL PERFECT WORLD i would be a co-sleeping, baby wearing, organic eating, breastfeeding Mother. But hey i'm not. I am not Hating any of the above... It's just not me. I like to think i'm a good mother the best i can be at the moment, Hell yes i struggle but don't we all?
I am a little fed up of hearing how Terrible Mothers are for not co-sleeping though. yes good one. the best i have seen was....

It's funny because i Breastfed both my babies till at least 6-9 months I have co-slept & i have carried them in my Baby Bjorn. Still this made me feel like shit!... Yes i have given my babies Bottles Hugo is weaned off them now (He was is 13 months old) Emilyn was Weaned off at 12 months old. Yes my Babies Mostly sleep in their own bed & most of the time they are VERY Happy to go to sleep in their own bed without sitting there crying & asking for Mum Mum Mum... & YES I put my babies in a buggy. My back is bad enough let alone to put a 2 stone baby in my Bjorn still. MY BABIES ARE VERY HAPPY & SO AM I.
Its like the whole Breast V Bottle Debate. YAWN. why do some mothers like to make other mothers feel like they are doing a bad job. we are all in the same boat.

Hugo in his Bjorn 10 months old & big enough.

Sorry i went off on a Rant didn't I? OK so here i am stuck in a rut. Hugo will not sleep in his cot. so this morning i thought i would ask the Twitter world of Mummies about their Co-Sleeping Views.

I tweeted - "This reminds me what's your personal thoughts about Co-Sleeping? Need to blog ASAP I have mixed views....mainly as H wears BnB "

I was amazed at the response & the difference in Views.

" we did it & had no problems. L is 2&a half and decided time for his own bed & room. Got bed, he got in & that's it. It worked for us"

I think its fabulous if it has worked for you- i especially think its great that she has had no problems getting L into his own bed this was my main concern & why i didn't Co-Sleep for longer with Emilyn.

" Not a good idea why not theyr own bed?"

" it saved my sanity when E would feed 2-3hrs in the night. I get more sleep than if I didn't."

This was my own view of Co-Sleeping with Emilyn, we got into a routine of she just fed when she wanted & i stayed asleep. it honestly was great i was getting the sleep i needed.

" i really enjoy it. Anything that gets you extra sleep is good in my book as long as you do it safely."

This is also true. I heard a lot of people saying how 'unsafe' they think it is. i always made sure Emilyn was my side of the bed so Husband couldn't roll on her. it is SO easily done.

Becca ward @Becca_Ward90
" I tried so hard not to do it, J was such a good sleeper as a newborn so had no need to try it, H on the other hand, I quite often end up with her in my bed as she has colic and it seems to comfort her abit xx"

I totally understand if it eases baby & baby seems happier this is what i done with Emilyn.

Jem ‏@jemjabella
" normal, natural, convenient. Don't think there's much else to it. :)"

  agree. But think I will always feel more relaxed & comfortable when not co-sleeping. Would like best of both worlds"

I feel SO torn & maybe a little bit guilty I quite enjoyed Co-Sleeping with Emilyn I felt more relaxed knowing she was so close to me, she was happier being in my bed but I got talked out of co-sleeping telling me 'i was making a rod for my own back'... the irony... *eye rolls* I worked myself up at trying to get a good routine & have Emilyn sleep in her own bed done the whole bloody Controlled Crying & spent the whole time crying myself.
I know have a whole new look on life. I want Happy Babies & i can't stand hearing them cry. BUT i do need my own space. I struggle to sleep whilst having a baby head but me... kick me with a metal bar or snore mouth open on my cheek.
I will eventually wean Hugo back into his own bed...
I personally enjoy my bed to be shared just Husband & me.
We are all individual mummies & daddies with our own views. what suits me may not suit you. all of our children are completely different.
The views i have read today have been great i thoroughly enjoy reading through your own experiences & i was in amazement at a few Mothers saying they have NEVER Co-Slept. I wanted to know their secret to it.

Co-Sleeping for me is definitely nothing like Marmite I neither Love or Hate it, It suits my life some nights but not so much other nights. If my babies are poorly i welcome them into my bed.


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