Hospital Living

Day: 3
I feel like I've been here forever...
The past 3 days have past in an emotional Tiring daze but finally we have progress his Stats have improved so much so that the oxygen is on just 0.5 now. I had my first shower this morning & wow did I feel better for it. Then went down for a costa cuppa tea I needed to get out the ward gosh cabin fever kicks in so quickly.
The consultant came to see him & mentioned about his weight loss *finally I've been worried about it for the last few weeks, he's lost over 1kg & in the consultants words 'he looks scrawny' ...
He's showing all the right signs at the moment that home is in sight. He's very wheezy still but the nebuliser helps to control it.
I am SO bored of living off sandwiches ... I will never take a home cooked meal for granted ever again.
We are fortunately in our own room & have free children's tele but we have no window & minimal communisation with the 'outside world'
Hugo is going in the right direction I am beyond proud of my boy.
very home from home....

Hugo asleep with his Hospital bear by his side
Have I been moaning? Do you want to know how I really feel? I feel like all I want to do is cry... Lay down in my pull out bed & push my face into the pillow & scream. I am exhausted. I obviously don't get me wrong I want Hugo better & this is the best place for him.
It's the total UNKNOWN of it. We may of gone home yesterday we may of gone home today we may go home tomorrow ... I keep getting my hopes up.
I am feeling SO incredible torn that my Emilyn is at home. All poorly with a chest infection & all she wants is her mummy to cuddle her up tight. I feel like an awful mummy.

I feel a bit better know. That was needed. I can shed a few tears & I'll be ok.
Man up for my boy.
I can hear him wheezing from here... Will be Nebuliser time soon. :( he hates it & I mean full on 14 month old tantrum hates it.

My poorly boy

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