My flat pack home Inside

My kitchen is taking shape! 18th April 2013

The inside 3 weeks on - Love our ceiling.

Now i know I've been good at keeping you updated with the exterior of my new home but what about the ongoings of the interior?

WEEK 2 - 

Day 1 - floor & a wall...
Emilyn & Hugo's room window no glass 

the wood on the wall is for our tv & the kitchen...

we have no room dividers put up or a roof!

we have the wall up dividing bathroom from kitchen
Mics & my bedroom with our built in wardrobe.
we have a ceiling beautiful white volted ceiling

WEEK -  3

Lounge with wall going in to Emilyn & Hugo's room


corridor from Kitchen

We have a front DOOR! 

Mic's & My Bedroom

The lounge.

                                                                         Plaster & walls semi painted... April 2nd - 3rd

Update - 12th April - Emilyn & Hugo have their sliding door fitted...

Our Kitchen waiting to be fitted 12th April

My Bathroom! 

My kitchen...

My bathroom

My kitchen being fitted day 1

Bathroom almost finished

Kitchen on the 16/04/13




Bathroom & Kitchen on the 18th April

LOOK at my bath taps! 18the April

My sink I have TAPS! 

I have a SHOWER! 

Kitchen 18th April

Kitchen 18th April

I have a sink & a tap! 

Fitted wardrobe doors fitted

The babies room now has carpet! 
Kitchen/lounge 20/04/13

Kitchen's coming together splash back half done...

Kitchen 20/04/13 - we are going to have wheels on our island discussed today this will be perfect! 

Emilyn in her room.

Kitchen 20/04/13

Bathroom 20/04/13

Emilyn in the bath 20/04/13

Emilyn in mics & My room

Kitchen Tap Mic just had to have...

Emilyn showing the fridge freezer...

Extractor fan...


Kitchen looking good! 

Kitchen 23/04/13
Kitchen 24/04/13 I have my cooker!

Kitchen lights

everywhere is being re painted....


bathroom 24/04/13

our room just been re painted

A room with a view .... decking 

26th April 2013 

Bathroom almost finished ! 26/04/13

bathroom towel rail
This is going to be my breakfast island on casters :)

Kitchen/lounge can you see my sofa all wrapped up in the corner???

My beautiful KITCHEN !!

our bedroom.
This was given to me today... we are in a matter of days be able to MOVE IN

Our view from our lounge/kitchen... Beautiful! 


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