A small intimate day - My Wedding Day

Now i have been meaning to do a wedding post for ages!... But seeing as its my 2nd Wedding Anniversary tomorrow I thought today would be quite apt.

My Wedding may come across as quite controversial to some. But your wedding day is a personal choice however you choose to do it...
I watched The Sex and the City film earlier at The end where Carey married Big just the two of them & they said how perfect it was... well that pushed me to write about my wedding day!
My personal views actually shocked myself as i had always dreamt of the massive white wedding, lots of guests, lots of money being spent.

But i had a wake up call the beginning of the year & realised how short life is. If i wanted to get married i wanted to go & get married. No silly long engagement... the longer i was engaged for the bigger the wedding may of become... the more stressed i would of been.

We had minimal guests - our best friends & a photographer & of course Emilyn. As you can guess Not everyone agreed with our decision, But it was our day & we didn't want any stress.
I loved Everything about our wedding day. We booked the Kingston Registry Office & then had a lovely meal in a restaurant looking over Epsom Downs. Later that night we jetted off to Tunisia for our 2 week all inclusive honeymoon.

I shall add money had nothing to do with why we had a small wedding. I wanted it to be all about Mic & I, I suppose its hard for some people to understand I have had a few 'nasty' comments from people i barely no in the past saying how wrong we were to get married the way we did... they couldn't get their head around it...

I'm sorry but i definitely wasn't getting into any debt over 1 day of stress & trying to get around to talking to everyone - And i most definitely wasn't going to turn into a bridezilla.

There is more into it than i make out. Mic & I have always been quite shall i say 'showy off' people. I suppose for one day i didn't want to put a fake smile on I wanted to love everything about my day.

I know i probably don't come across shy i'm not incredibly shy its more the emotional business of a big wedding that would of just knackered me out & with my M.E i just didn't want it.
It was after Emilyn's baptism we had a giant celebration & the stress involved killed me. I didn't enjoy the day much & just wanted the day to be over. That is what made us choose to have our small intimate day.
We do plan to have a Blessing done soon in our Church *where i have had both little people baptised & is our weekly church now. It would be lovely to have our family see us renewing our vows.

I think its madness the amount of money some people spend on a wedding. I Got married because I love Mic & i want to spend the rest of my life with him, The vows i made are solid & will stay with us for as long as we both shall live. I am in no means a smushy lovey dovey wife so i will stop there.
For us so far i know 2 years isn't a very long time but we better than ever. we have two beautiful children & believe me having a baby is hard work in any relationship we work off each other,  & our Family is amazing. we are in the building process of our house now too thank goodness, we will get there.

I feel when people ask about our wedding day & i say how small it was they want to dig down & ask why?... It was a lovely intimate day full of smiles, laughs, giggles & wine. The build up to the big day was stressed enough for me. let alone having 100+ people to cater & think about... 5+ bridesmaids & pageboys to sort out & dress ... the list is endless. At the end of the day we are all signing the same paper & saying the same Vows. We done it our way & we never look back.

This weekend we have booked a hotel in Chessington & we are taking the little people to the safari park & sealife centre for our anniversary.

Last Year we went for a long weekend away to Bournemouth & stayed in a lovely boutique hotel.

Here's to many more happy years & weekends away celebrating our marriage.


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