She's got her Glasses



Today we picked up Emilyn's glasses.
we were both very excited. 
She had remembered they were blue but that was about it, As she got handed them she was drawn to the glasses case - the chicks on it, as we've just had Easter she said they were 'Easter Chicks' 
As we waited for the member of staff to sort the glasses out, Emilyn kept trying on other glasses... 
showing Hugo, Hugo laughing, then taking them off as in her own words.. "Hugo thinks i look funny in them" bless her. 
She seems quite happy with her choice of glasses.

She put them on briefly in the Opticians but quickly said 'I've had enough time now'
They were then put back in their case.
As we walked back to the car she kept explaining to me that they weren't sun glasses & I tried to explain that she needs to wear them everyday; 

Since we got home she's been asking lots of questions about them, like 'do these glasses make my head look big?... " 
I of course said no that she has a lovely small head... then she asked... 'so my glasses make my head look small?' she then put her hands around her head whilst looking in the mirror, 'like this? So small Mummy?' 
She's been putting them on when she feels like it & wanting me to clap. 

She put her glasses on Hugo - His head was too big for them! 

It's so difficult to explain to her why she should wear them... I wont push or make her wear them... But i think I will get some pretend glasses as she likes to be like an adult?
Riding the fire engine.

showing off her glasses

Hiding her glasses from the camera...

A lovely smile ...
I really hope she adjusts to them well. we have our hospital check up in two weeks...

we are 3 days in... she's not too impressed...

Earlier on when we were outside a shop a elderly couple walked past & smiled at her - Emilyn turned to me & said "Mummy why are they laughing at me ?"
It's so difficult to explain they were smiling in a nice way...

being silly 


  1. Aww bless her, she looks gorgeous with her glasses on :) I bet she gets used to them really quick x

    1. Thank you i think they do suit her well. :) i'm sure she will get used to them too x



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